Obama 2008 Voter Turned Romney Supporter Turned Undecided Voter Just Told Me He's Voting for Obama. Said He Just Can't Trust Romney. HELLO!!!!

He actually said "Romney would easily get us into 2 or 3 wars" and then expressed that Romney would have NO CLUE why .. he'd just do it because he's people told him".....OUCH!!!

Then earlier Ryan was on TV basically spouting that Obama would abort premies.   Did he know that the speech was "televised" and rational people might watch it?

Finding the "key" to a Romney comeback could be more difficult that previously "thought"....


OVER a month ago I told you the "smart" one was focusing in on the SENATE.   Todd Akin.  Sir it's time you put the party before YOUR pride.

America needs to have a Republican senate and maybe some good "tweaks" can be done to ObamaCare.

It's called COMPROMISE....