ObamaCare Supporters Have Good Intentions. Still it's NOT the RIght Direction for America

Look I'm a MODERATE:  Most of us think that ObamaCare has TOO much Medicaid.  We want pre-existing conditions covered and we're PRO CHOICE in choosing Healthcare. Medical coverage needs to be "individual" driven... Not employer.  The Frist Family supported ObamaCare...  Why?   Crony Capitalism.
The people doing this are passionate. I liked them-they CARE about America & It's nice to see someone does.
Being a Californian I giggle at the comment highlighted :):)

Gagandeep Mangat, a radiologist from St. Petersburg, Fla., stood beside an RV belonging to Patients Over Politics, an initiative led by physicians in support of the Obama health-care law.
“We are a group of physicians who want to make sure that people understand why it is important that we have this law,” he said.
As he tried to explain, he was interrupted by a California woman who wanted to know whether he supported adding a “holistic medicine component” to the law. Mangat emphasized the importance of simply preserving the law. “If we have the law then we could add anything to it,” he said.