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Picture of Sharyn with a Man From Saudi at Party Hosted By Lebanese "Journalist" - from 1992

The "journalist" was a middle man. The man from Saudi was part of a family that was very generous to America.

All over the Middle East in 1992 after the 1st Gulf War Saudi had mural- tapestry's and paintings showing the collaboration between the two nations.

That night I was seated next to the guy from Saudi - he was frisky- I said "you might have paid for the war but you did not pay for me". I was told I was rude. To this day I think that moment was the one that solidified my beliefs that America needs to be energy independent.

I'm sure the guy from Saudi is a good human being and I hope he's having a nice life- To this day I have respect for people from all cultures and religions.

FYI- The Saudi's use religion as a weapon to "control the masses" it seems like in Tennessee that "strategy is also used".

After i whistle blew at Nissan a "whisper campaign" was done against me. People that were homophobic were told i wad gay. That way I would be discredited as a whistle blower.

I knew what was happening. It's documented- So "get this" I can ask for the Hate Crime investigation because people declared me a "perceived gay"

Note- The technique of "whisper" campaigns was used by operatives I had worked for in the past. Maybe by exposing the techniques people in Southern societies can WAKE UP and finally "get" that Good OLe Boys gossip cause their greedy - The less educated well meaning religious masses are just clueless pawns ...

By doing this maybe society can get healthy.



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