Righteously Rogue Republican

Sharyn Bovat Fought On the Front Line in the 1992 Battle for the Heart of the GOP.  There She Went Rogue on Rove....

" In Houston at the RNC convention I was put on the team that was connected to Rove, emotionally that was equal to putting someone for Istanbul on a team from Athens."

In 1993 after the War was over I went to a meeting in Dallas of operatives on both sides were 'uniting'..... 

"the people that I knew back then either worked in the White House, Became members of the House (of Congress) or entered the Big House....I guess when I whistle blew some of the people connected to Mr. Rove got nervous.   I'm grateful someone spoke up for me, to that person THANK YOU!!!   I did get the message that when the party "dies" that I will help rebuild the left wing...." 

Good News for me... NOT  much derbies on "my side"... just dust from the wing that was never used.   It's amazing that for so long y'all flew "unbalanced".....  

"...When Karl Rove ran the Bush political machine, Republicans strove to diminish four historic Democratic constituencies: voters of color, Union families, trial lawyers, and Jews......"    from recent Huffington Post Article.......

Below was from a PRWeb Press Release in 2012...
Sharyn Bovat admits she was assigned to work for people connected to the Bush machine.... Sharyn says in 1992 she was the and says "it's ironic that Karl Rove is called a RINO when back in 1992 I thought he's people were the 'evil empire' ....   NOW I hope that Mr. Rove misses the moderate wing of the GOP.   We were "fun" & we respected ALL people......if the RNC ever want to have access to the White House they should consider letting people like me have access to the convention......

Nissan Whistleblower to Tell Sarah Palin 

She Went Rogue 1st 

Sharyn Bovat, the middle Tennessee relocation consultant assigned to manage the move of Nissan board member Carlos Tavares was 1st arrested and taken to jail on July 7th, 2010 by the Franklin police in Williamson County (case # gsc-3714) is now looking for ways to communicate the news about what she believes are 3 unjustified arrests. Bovat inspired by Palin's words challenging "Good Ole Boy" networks learned that Palin will be in Tennessee this week for a book signing. Now Bovat wants to turn her real life drama into a spoof based on the Alaskan governors reality show. Calling the spoof Sharyn Bovat’s Tennessee,

Sharyn Bovat "Going Rogue" at the 1992 RNC Convention. Bovat says her team led by extremist was given pink hats & a wire to wear and she took hers off and fought for the moderates attending the convention.
Quote startAfter whistleblowing I was bullied by a'Good Ole Boy' network in Tennessee. When I fought back they told people in the community I was gay. I'm not gay but if "Good Ole Boys" are the only thing offered in Tennessee I might think about switching teamsQuote end
Franklin, TN (PRWEB) December 1, 2010
Sharyn Bovat living in Tennessee says her life in the south is not as “warm and fuzzy” as Sarah Palin’s life in Alaska. Recently Bovat has been to jail 3 times claiming “it’s retaliation from whistle blowing to Carlos Tavares about discrimination and bad spending of taxpayer money at Nissan North America by HR executives that were associated with a ‘Good Ole Boy' network, that dominates the conservative community." Bovat’s allegations against Nissan HR are documented in an interview with coolsprings.com after her first arrest. Bovat will appear in again court on December 6th (case #I-CR105253) at the Williamson County courthouse in Franklin, TN.
In that interview Bovat said she created a blog June of 2009 to expose problems at the multinational company to those board members at Nissan in Japan and to Renault leadership in Paris. Renault is a dominate owner of Nissan stock and the two companies have shared an alliance for over a decade. Bovat claims to have had over 800,000 hits from 6 continents. Bovat says her blog is a "tool for change" at Nissan.
Bovat thought her bloghttp://www.girlintheblackhonda.com would only be up for a few months. That was almost 18 months ago. Learning that change takes time Bovat has been creative at keeping her viewers interested. Admitting topics on her blog are controversial and that she rants on occasion . Bovat says she’s "very" opinionated. Bovat has said on the blog from the beginning that it will come down when Nissan's Carlos Tavares tells her to take it down. Bovat received an email from him several months ago and he did not tell her to do it.
Last winter to keep the interest of her viewers Bovat started ranting about politics. She writes about experiences she had while working in politics years ago for the Republican Party. Bovat claims that at the 1992 RNC convention in Houston she was the first woman in republican politics to “go rogue” thus booting Sarah Palin from that title.
Bovat says while she was working at the republican party’s national convention she was assigned to a group that was connected to an ultra conservative faction of the party that was taking over the leadership. Bovat was put on a team led by Henry Barbour, the nephew of Haley Barbour who became the RNC Chairman in 1993. Bovat's team was given pink hats to wear and out of protest to the views of the right wing Bovat says she took off her hat. The she communicated to moderate republicans in California about the "internal battle for control". Bovat has even posted pictures of her credentials from that RNC convention. They show she had "access to all areas" during the event.
Today Bovat a democrat says she does not agree with the views of the right wing. Bovat wishes the party would get back principles of Ronald Reagan. Bovat classifies herself as a fiscal conservative/social moderate. In the Coolsprings.com article Bovat says she was called a "blue state liberal" and discriminating happened to Californians at Nissan. In the coolsprings.com article Bovat says that HR was planning on firing employees that moved from Californians first during the cutbacks in 2009. Mr. Tavares stopped that from happening. The article quotes Bovat saying "I was offered money to be silent".    Bovat says she's a woman born in California and she had to speak up after hearing the words "skirts don't speak" on the executive floor at Nissan. To read more;http://www.coolsprings.com/news/nissan-whistleblower-arrested/
Although Bovat differs with Sarah Palin’s political views she sees the Alaskan governor as a voice for the hardworking people. Bovat says "it seems like most people in Tennessee love her." Bovat appreciates any "skirt that speaks" and is happy Palin is coming to Tennessee.