Sal Russo Did NOT Sell His Soul to the Romney Campaign. He's Doing What He Does Best... Failure for Power... It's EASIER When You Do It From the INSIDE.... Ed Gillespie Knows That I Knew He Was Sabotaging the Campaign and That is Probably WHY I Was Treated So Well?

Written by:  Major Garrett
National Review

A Tea Party Leader Ends Up in Romney-Land

That is Sal Russo, a longtime GOP operative and impresario of a tea party faction. He was talking about fellow tea partiers.
Russo spoke from the lobby restaurant of the Marriott Waterside Hotel, the nerve center of Mitt Romney’s campaign in Tampa. Russo has a room here, and there’s no shortage of tea party activists—especially Ron Paul devotees—who would regard Russo’s presence in the land of Romney as half-assed, crazy, and stupid. Russo denies he has sold out tea party advocacy for a comfy couch in Romney’s Tampa lair, frequently exchanging ideas on strategy and voter mobilization.
“I’m in the Romney high command hotel,” Russo said with a smile. “Romney doesn’t wear a tea party lapel pin. But Marco Rubio doesn’t and Paul Ryan doesn’t, and they’re tea party favorites. I put Romney in that category. It gets the movement to the same place.”
Russo is the executive director of the Tea Party Express, a political action committee that endorsed heavily and successfully in 2010 but saw some of its chosen candidates—Sharron Angle in Nevada and Christine O’Donnell in Delaware—crash in ignominious defeat. Russo has no regrets about those choices and argues the secret of tea party vitality is in its grassroots, atomized feistiness.

I worked indirectly with Bill Lacy's people on the Bono Senate Race.... Sonny was to "fail" to the conservative that would LOSE to Barbara Boxer would win.  
Bill had to "make nice" with the Bush people.  Because he supported Dole (I think that's why?)
Dora Kingsley got the Bono contract for Northern California
One time she told me "only give information to the person that pays you".....  I never asked her
"What do you do when it's 2 people.... with different agendas" 
Why would Sal want to LOSE a Senate race?  The  Bruce Herschenson people wanted access to the money... California is RICH in donors. Sonny was promised a congressional seat in return for being the "spoiler" for Tom Campbell

Failure for Power is BIG in Sal Russo Land....