Sharyn Bovat did Research for Reagan's People: Says Sometimes When You Smell Rotten Fish ... You Have to Figure Out Where the Stench is Coming From......I Don't Think Andrew Breitbart Would Want Average Bloggers to Feel Used by the System. It's Time for Someone to Investigate.... They Can Look at WHO did My National Bloggers Card Too.... :):)

Sharyn Bovat wants the National Bloggers Club investigated because the Bloggers she met are Ethical people and they deserve to know if the organization they take pride in belonging to is REAL or a Crony Capitalist Front.  

Seems like the GOP RNC Gave "Credentials" to the Bloggers that Spun the Words Haley Barbour's Way....   All I Want is RESPECT for ALL People....

Good News Barbour is No longer the puppet master.  He's NOW Gillespie and Rove's Puppet :):)
Gillespie is ETHICAL and Rove is a Genius.  Barbour is the one who needs to be leashed.