The damn devil went SOUTH of Georgia and is in MISSISSIPPI

 From working for Rove operatives (a long time ago) I believe "Karl" is NOT the Devil...  he only Dances with the Devil.  

Words are IMPORTANT...

There is NO WAY that this man who is an ex felon worked for Karl Rove or Ed Gillespie.

There is a possibility he worked for Haley Barbour.

Haley LOVES to give people 2nd chances..."if" they scratch his back.

Would someone like to know WHY he had to pardon so many.

Why does Haley Barbour Choose to Associate with Known People that LIE?

I'm a VICTIM of Haley Barbour.  Still I know he's Powerful.

Since I cannot fight him I will join him... ONLY because I believe that I can help make the Republican party MORE accepting of Diversity.

If I'm not wanted..... Someone let me know...
I think the only reason why he's working so hard to help raise money for Romney is to keep his name out of the DOJ.   Trust me.....