To Henry Barbour Lobbyist to Crony Capitalist and Teammate?

Mississippi lobbyist Henry Barbour, whose firm, Capitol Resources, hosted a Monday afternoon bowling and pool-playing party at Splitsville in Tampa. said the event was not about advancing any business interests. "It's just an opportunity to get together and have fun,"   The venue bills itself as a "luxury" bowling alley and "dining lounge." ....Barbour, the nephew of former Mississippi governor
Henry I KNOW how YOU roll.....   How many "bond financiers" were there?
That comment was bullshit...  your a greedy selfish homophobic southerner that "does not" understand women from states that value education.
That said it looks like "we're on the 'same' team"...
The ONLY way for America to "get healthy" economically is for people like me & people like you to "get along."
Yes!!!  the "thought"is icky. Still I do not want to live in a socialist driving society. My life is not as "great" as yours.  Still I want opportunities to succeed.   Greedy Good Ole Boys like YOU need "me"......if YOU want to keep some of your cushy tax incentives.  It's kindof scary.
The GOP convention had a LOT of diversity on the podium. Sadly not much in the seats.   Guess you didn't hire people to "add color" for the cameras this year like you did in 1992?  
Did I tell you that I put you down as a reference in my search for "work"  after all I did work for you at the HOUSTON RNC convention.  I have "lots" of too.
Can you tell your UNCLE to tell NISSAN to mediate?

Mississippi Republican National Committeeman Henry Barbour said delegates shouldn't let a fight over rules distract from the goal of beating Democratic President Barack Obama.