Yes!!! I did change my hair color during the RNC convention

Only a woman knows how much mid term damage was done to my follicles.

That said ONLY a woman can understand the "true" harm that Todd Akin's words harmed the RNC. The fact is the root of the verbiage he spouted represents the power struggle going on between men and women. Since biblical times. Women want FREEDOM to control their own destiny.

Just knowing that they could be "raped" just so they would be dependent on a man or society is scary! It's usually not the man that suffers the physical and physiological hardship after a rape.

That said: I have had calls from Tea Partiers that support my whistle blowing (they are mad at the Tea party leaders for ignoring Dept. Of Energy fraud - and some have called me to tell me WHY abortion ALL needs to be outlawed. It's odd that those violently verbally against abortion are mainly men. Even Janice from the Faith and Freedom coalition said that Akin's remark was stupid. I confronted her about David Barton - she KNOWS that she and others neglected me when I was being maliciously prosecuted.
Still its just the way it "is" in Tennessee and she's been fighting for judicial fairness for a LONG time. She said "it's just Good Ole Boys"

OK- I think the Good Ole Boys have Gone Bad and America needs to get rid of exclusive coalitions that promote racism and stupidity: Red States that harbor the failing schools seem to be the MOST corrupt Tennessee is #1.

A Nissan executive dyed his hair from gray to a medium brown BEFORE he bullied me. He wanted to blend in with the others so I could not identify him.
While he was verbally assaulting me I watched his Teeth. That is how I know who he was later on.

Omg! I so want OUT of Tennessee. I'm tired and doing all the research on Good Ole Boy cronyism has harmed my hair.