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Free Markets Needed to Drive Auto Industry... Too Much Taxpayer Money Spent and NOW a Capacity Problem.... It's GLOBAL

The Auto Industry would have been fine without ALL the subsidies... NOW companies like NISSAN have too much capacity. Governments will not see the jobs created and some will lose their jobs.

Below was sent to me by an "expert" whose an uber genius.  He knows the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn is "guilty" of milking governments and then NOT fulfilling his promises.  Sadly government leaders too do not fulfill their promises to voters. 

Huh....Maybe the Obama people that knew who I was were nice to me in Denver because they know the story is "gonna" pop?   

FYI GOP Elite- I told them ALL  I want is for NISSAN to mediate, I want my reputation back.  If Tennessee Governor Haslam does NOT have the balls to do that then maybe President Obama can.  After all his people read my blog... It should be easy to prove I always put America "first"   unlike Al Gore and others enjoying the green "trough" and YES!! So did one of Romney's sons.  That is WHY Romney won't put his "mitts" on the story.  To that "greedy" child YOU have hurt YOUR dad's chance.  Americans can understand FRAUD and that's what NISSAN did.  NISSAN does business in IRAN a country Mitt has said is America's Arch enemy.  SO why the hell does Mitt NOT talk about NISSAN fraud.  Oh yeah, his son made a "few bucks.  

So in reference to Sharyn Bovat the whistleblower who "tried" to save the Ataxpayers OVER 1 Billion dollars.....  If President Obama's people want to help.... great!

I really wanted the GOP to be the hero....It looks like Romney's NOT bringing the issue up... I did have "hope" during the debate.  NOW it's silent...It's about time ALL American taxpayers got RESPECT. 

GOP I'm STILL a Member!!!

The Average American taken care of.   Even though I'm still a disenfranchised Republican I know in my heart the the GOP needs me & I need them....  America needs to be educated on Free Markets... The below is a "perfect" example on HOW too much government intervention is a "bad thing."

The only way America can be economically is to have a "healthy" political system.  That means both the GOP and the Dems need to have clear cut differences that both don't just cater to extremist.   

OK  here's the Capacity Quote...  It explains WHY Free Markets are needed.

"....World carmaking overcapcity can be judged by ACEA figures suggesting that even in 2010 - now a highwater mark for global automakers - world carmaking capacity was at least 70 million, but total sales were around 59 million. 

In theory, with sufficient handouts from government and even a slice of Warren Buffet's speculative plays on a win some-lose some investing basis, global carmaking capacity could go on rising even if sales do not. For Europe however, the end of the road has already been reached. Downsizing of the industry has started, and in the short term, which will in fact stretch for years, car prices can only fall...."


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