Pro Military Voters Spoke to Sharyn - Passing Legislation Bringing Back the Draft AFTER 70% of Active Military Has Served 2 Tours During "Active" War Needs to Be Passed to Ensure TRUST in the Military Industrial Complex.

Years ago America went to a volunteer Army and it worked...

UNTIL the10 year War.

People understand the threat of the Middle East BUT are upset that BOTH Presidential candidates and VP's have NOT served.

Mitt can be a HAWK but he's gotta put his boys on the line....  not literally.

This has to be part of his National Security plan.... If he wants voters to TRUST him.

FYI- I was told that the reason WHY the Royal family keeps the RESPECT of the people of ENGLAND is because the members "served.

Mitt with 4 of his boys at CPAC....

America Needs Members of Congress to UNDERSTAND the sacrifices of our troops....