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The VERY Liberal Gannett Paper that Admits to Democratic Favoritism SUPPORTS MItt Romney.... Sharyn Bovat TOLD Viewer They Had Too Due to President Obama's Reckless Spending of Stimulus Money in Tennessee - Stuff that the Tennessean FAILED to Report. Basically The Left Wings Pit Bull is FINALLY Asking President Obama "WHERE" are the Jobs?

"The Tennessean is one of the remaining holdovers in this State from the not-so-long-ago days of Democratic domination..."  The Examiner

A blog viewer emailed me at 5am...  told me he was in SHOCK!!!        I responded...

"They had to do it- when the NISSAN "green" jobs don't happen that the Tennessean has promoted 'ad nausem' by multiple articles & After NISSAN announces they  can't pay back the Dept. of Energy loan for 1.4 Billion & when  NISSAN North America goes bankrupt and /or restructures & the Rutherford County IDB bond that was allowed to be the collateral is exorcised - taxes going up for Rutherford County residents and people will NOT trust them... Endorsing Mitt Romney is the only hope they have for saving their reputation and for news organization - Image is Everything...."  Sharyn Bovat

"...The Tennessee Paper that Helped Cover Up Dept. of Energy Fraud FINALLY Does Something not in their own interest but what is best for society.  I'm stunned after all I'd been through I thought they were going to keep the blinders on no matter how bad the economy or impact of the failed policies of President Obama were"   Sharyn Bovat - NISSAN Whistleblower

"...I'll make a bet that had NISSAN really been able to create the 1300 jobs promised for the 1.4 BIllion they would have endorsed President Obama....  I was told that a Tennessean reporter called NISSAN a "house of cards" and he still knew he could NOT report it..... Maybe Gannett has decided to stop helping President Obama hurt the economy and they want to Stop the hemreging  .."  Sharyn Bovat

Please note that I Sharyn Bovat have been fighting this Democratic prpaganda machine for a LONG time. Due to my whistle blowing against NISSAN that took 1.4 Billion taxpayer dollars to build a car that they knew would fail & gannett knew before TWO federal budgets were passed & they remained silent. 

I was told by Mark Silverman it was POLITICS.

Below are pictures & links of web sites that Sharyn has had for years... fighting the Democratic leaning mainstream media.

and a LOT more.  Maybe they'll report the NISSAN Fraud?   or the Discrimination done by NISSAN?

Odds ore my Viral Fight for Human Decency made a difference... if so THANK YOU GOD!!!

"I love America and like many others in this state believing in my heart that corruption and cronyism is destroying this nation I see this endorsement as a step forward"  Sharyn Bovat

Quotes from the Romney Endorsement...

"it is far less of an endorsement of Romney than a lack of endorsement of President Obama..."  the Tennessean.

Text between former Tennessean editor and Bed Bradlee winner Mark Silverman saying he "thought" one of my web sites ranting about Dept. of Energy Fraud would be mentioned in the emails congress subpoenaed in reference to Solyndra.  FYI Solyndra visited my blog 1142 time

Copy of  lawsuit NISSAN Leaf owners filed in LA and the Tennessean Failed to report it. 

The TENNESSEAN also failed to report that the NISSAN Whistleblower was jailed 3 times & has an ongoing malicious prosecution case "against" NISSAN.

"Nonetheless, this morning’s endorsement by an outlet which has long been seen by many conservatives as a kind of unofficial mouthpiece of the Tennessee Democratic establishment prompted the State’s Lieutenant Governor, Ron Ramsey (R-Blountville), to remark on the development with one word on Facebook-he simply wrote “wow...." the examiner

"....The Tennessean, which has long been a kind of pseudo-Democratic political print organ, has finally reached the final phase of dealing with defeat-acceptance. Further, they acknowledge that the President has failed on the single most important issue of his presidency, and that is dealing with the economic crisis (some would say collapse) that brought him to power..." the examiner



GOOGLE Maria De Varenne the editor of the Tennessean and see "what floats to the top"    GOOGLE Bob Dickey Gannett (he decides what goes in the news for Gannet Nationally) and see what "floats to the top."  

De Varenne Tennessean
    This web site is NOT a Gannett web site: It's NOT done by Maria De Varenne it's ...Why does Gannett, The Tennessean and Maria De Varenne NOT Report that ...
  2. Maria De Varenne Gannett
    Dec 5, 2011 – Maria De Varenne Gannett. I've learned the cronyism in the Tennessee courts is linked to the Civil War. Judges & members of only a few TN ...
  3. Message to: Maria De Varenne
    Oct 10, 2012 – Discrimination at NISSAN that Maria De Varenne and Gannett Ignore is REAL..... Why Did They NOT Report It? Is NISSAN Acknowledging that ...
  4. Maria De Varenne the NISSAN Whistleblower Fears Another Term of
    Apr 8, 2012 – Maria De Varenne the NISSAN Whistleblower Fears Another Term of President Obama Admits She Voted for Hillary Clinton in 2008 ...

  1. Bob Dickey Gannett
    Bob Dickey Why Did Gannett NOT Report About Me? Tennessee is a hub of racism.... it's because of lack of reporting on YOUR part. A Gannett Editor Helped Me ...
  2. Robert Dickey - Forbes
    Robert Dickey on Forbes - ... Formerly: Senior Group President, Gannett's Pacific Group and Chairman of Phoenix Newspapers Inc. (2005-2008); President and ...
  3. Bob Dickey of Gannett are the Liberal Elites Figurative Capo?
    Oct 10, 2012 – NISSAN Wants to Do Their OWN Investigation on the Leaf... GannettHas Info that Can Help Taxpayer... Bob DIckey Let's Have Coffee TODAY>.
  4. Gannett MIght Have Balls BUT Does Bob Dickey.....
    Bob Dickey of Gannett are the Liberal Elites Figurative Capo? Friday, September 14, 2012. Gannett MIght Have Balls BUT Does Bob Dickey..... The "dots" have ...
  5. Bob Dickey of Gannett are the Liberal Elites Figurative Capo?: Bob ...
    Sep 3, 2012 – Bob Dickey.... Now WIll You Report the Story....I'm Outing Homophobic GOP Bloggers with Past Criminal Records.... I Need a J

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