Todd Akin to Be Highlighted on Cocktails with Sharyn Next Week..... In a Totally "Ladylike" Way :):)

Next Week Drinking Pinot Grigio Were Going to have a Ladylike Conversation about What is Morally Wrong with Todd Akin.

Why is the GOP Rallying Around Todd?
 The most recent of these converts is Kit Bond, a former Missouri governor and senator. A month ago, Bond called Akin’s Senate campaign “tragically unfortunate” and led an effort to get him to quit the race. Now, he and former Missouri senator Jim Talent have reversed themselves and are urging voters to elect Akin.
Additionally, the National Republican Senatorial Committee — whose leader, Texas Sen. John Cornyn, called on Akin to get out of the race a few weeks ago — now is hinting that it will give him some financial support in the closing days of his campaign. Last week, GOP Chairman Reince Priebus seemed to warm up to Akin, saying he was “absolutely” preferable to McCaskill.