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Who is Sharyn?

The writer of this blog is the great great granddaughter of the former Maryland Governor William Grason:
He was a member of the same party as America’s founding fathers & he was a Destructionist. The result of his efforts were beneficial to Maryland in the long run than many times as much constructive work of his predecessors
From the beginning to the end of the term, Gov. Grason's administration was marked by friction with the legislature.

At the same time, as Buchholz has stated, Grason's "voice gave expressions to one endless Jeremiad." Gov. Grason wanted to be realistic and practical in his policies, especially economic and financial policies.

The government and people of Maryland had been reckless in appropriating funds and over expanding for internal improvements for sometime.Neither had really taken time to consider what was going to happen when the day of reckoning came—the day when both interest and principal must be paid. Up until this time the people had experienced relatively light taxation. The situation facing the new governor was one of a heavy state debt and an unwillingness of the citizens to submit to a major change in taxation to a discharge the obligations—a serious financial crisis.
When Gov. Grason first faced the General Assembly he brought this to the attention of the delegates, and stated that the situation would become worse unless there was a radical change in policy and attempts were made to redeem the public debt.

To those of the legislature who wanted to repudiate the debts rather than tax an unwilling people, Grason declared that the debt had been contracted, and confirmed by successive legislatures sanctioned by the people themselves, in the continued re-election of representatives who were most prominent in creating it, and that the obligations of the state were in the hands of men who relied upon good faith, and whose borrowed money had been expended on her words. He said it was impossible to question the validity of the debt, and unreasonable to plead inability without first making an effort to discharge it. What Grason spoke was unpleasant truth, and the legislature would not heed, and nothing was done during his term of office to solve the problem.
Pessimist or not, Grason was a fighter for what was the honest and realistic road to follow. And, he did not add to his popularity or political strength by opposing the questionable practices of such powerful business interests as the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and the management of the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal. 
In 1860 he was chosen as a delegate to a convention in Baltimore to decide what course of action Maryland should take in light of the "emergency" created by the election of Lincoln. In fact, he was chosen to preside over this conference, but ill health kept him from doing so.
***de·struc·tion·ist (d -str k sh -n st)
One who believes in or advocates destruction, especially when companies like NISSAN are corrupt to the bone.....


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