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Woman Who Was Raped at Approximate Age of 59 Did NOT Get Pregnant.... Could Akin Be Right About Body Shutting Down in Case of Rape....

Or is is MENOPAUSE!!!!

I'm sorry I'm starting to feel like Missouri is a place filled with uneducated boobs... I'm tried and cranky and to see comments from a state that's supposed to be EDUCATED is disgusting....

"...If Akin can beat Sen. Claire McCaskill, if the polls that have him down by only 1 point are accurate, it will be because he does well in places like this—well with voters like Eukel. She’s 69, and her assault happened more than a decade ago. She remembers her attacker’s threat, word for word: “I can kill you anytime I want.” Her voice still cracks with resentment of how the state put him in jail for only seven years. This is why she defends Todd Akin, why she’s even posted her story on Facebook...... Akin said women can’t get pregnant from rape. You just had to look at the tape to see what he was trying to say, but said poorly: Stress reduces the likelihood of somebody getting pregnant.....”

Can someone try to convince Larry Kremer or David Callaway to hire me..
I need a job and want to live near a major airport so I can see my child....

Off topic... to my viewer that would like me to "wear a pair of panties for an hour and send them to him..... Sir I'll do it if you get me a job with HEALTH Insurance...."  Seriously I'm getting desperate....America is "so" far away from treating average people like me with RESPECT.... Too many people stay in dead marriages just for health care. Out of desperation I "flirted" with a NISSAN VP to get a job with health care and look what happened... a blog that go over 2 million hits..... & 


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