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American Crossroads Helped Save the GOP Brand.- Had They NOT Done ALL that Advertising Romney Would Have Lost By 2 or 3 MORE Points....

The Factors  Causing the Defeats Were: 

Akin & Mourdock  Mainstream Media's EXCESSIVE Reporting

Sandy- The Chris Christie Hug was NOT a factor.  Palin people are really making it a BIG deal for "their" agenda.  That needs to "stop"

Libya Mainstream Medias LACK of Reporting

FOX News has "lost" it's moderate viewers due to extremist host and guest.

Hispanics have communicated to me WHY they did NOT vote for Romney - Even one that voted for Bush.   It's the immigration issue & the "lack of RESPECT"

Military Vote - MOST of America is "not" connected to someone that served in Iraq or Afghanistan. Those are tend to vote Republican.  Many did NOT vote due to Romney's foreign policy hawkish talk.
Too many have told me that "even the republican's don't understand how 10 years of war affected us"

The American Crossroad ads showing the "state of the economy" is HOW Mitt Romney "almost" won,

The PAC saved the dignity of the GOP.   Because of Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie the RNC has a "chance" to regroup and take the Senate in 2014.

The path to do it is in January make Condoleezza Rice RNC Chairman.

She needs to be the one on the "talk shows" explaining WHY the Republican party matters.


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