Clarification - Austin Barbour is Jeppie's Son NOT Haley....

I blogged that Mitt Romney Staffer Bill Murphy who was Romney's Social Media Director was involved with "racist" tweeting.  I then commented that I had worked with Henry Barbour and it's true that in 1992 Henry hired "colored" people to just be that.  This one guy had NOTHING to do but be "black"I thought that was WRONG.  I spoke up in 1992.  Well in 1993 when Haley Barbour became RNC Chairman I was "not" the most employable researcher.    That said I value accuracy and when I said Austin tell your dad HI... I gave people the impression Austin Barbour was Haley's son.  The fact is AUSTIN is Jeppie's son and Henry Barbour's brother & Haley's Nephew.  Hope it's cleared up?

In 1992 I got to 'attend" the LA Riots.  I gave my impressions to people that wanted an unbiased view.
That experience changed me as a person.  When months later I found myself working in Houston Texas at the RNC convention with a team lead by Henry Barbour who told me that "Hitler" was his strategic idol.  He hired people to be black and the racist undertones at the 1992 convention made me angry.  I spoke up - I even to a former President over Tacos.

It's sad that TODAY people in the RNC and in the Mitt Romney Campaign harbor racist hearts.

That said - I hear Haley "has changed" he's NOW the Moderate Voice of the RNC....
Mr. Barbour.... Sir,  Respectfully I Sharyn Bovat am the Voice of the Moderate.  YOU can be the ESTABLISHMENT - Conservative who "opens doors" to voices like mine.
Thank you

Maybe Haley is what is NEEDED to Stop Racism in the RNC.