How Could a GOP Loving Karl Rove Operative Trained Researcher Turned Carpool Mom Turned Whistleblower Turned Political RINO Analyst Predict the Race.. She Was Just a Few State "Short" of the Famous Nate Silver.... Bovat Admits She Gave Colorado to Romney Due to Her Bias Towards the Military. She Did Say Earlier That Prop 64 Would Bring the Youth Vote Out For Obama. Bovat Gave Wisconsin to Romney Due to Ryan & the GOP Ground team that Impressed Her in the Recall Battle: She Gave Romney New Hampshire Because She Thinks People Their Can Be Elitist...

How could this GOP woman predict the outcome of the election

She bested Rove, Morris, Limbaugh and other RNC elites:  Sharyn Bovat says.

"The problem with the GOP political analyst is too many of them have penis's.... Women vote more than men, the demographics in America have changed and they do NOT understand the mindset of those voting. "

"....My predication about the Obama victory was correct.  I'm not happy about it.... but the fact is the Republican party needs to broaden the tent.... if they want to have VIP access to the White House that is..."

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