OMG!!! Ultra Conservative Blogger Going to Reveal Information On Rogue Felon GOP Bloggers & Their Allies at 7PM Central TIme.... This Voice of a Moderate is Gonna Pick Up a Fresh Box of Wine and Get Ready.... If MItt Loses.... Hell is Gonna Unleash on the Tea Party Nasties that COst the GOP the Election... Robert Stacy McCain, Ali Akbar & the National Bloggers Club... Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned. It Looks Like Larry SInclair is Gonna Produce Some Really Good Details. Thank You to Him.... The GOP Needs Transparency.

As the full scope of Akbar’s crime became more widely known, more and more folks found themselves wondering why Akbar demanded so much personal information from folks applying for membership in the National Bloggers Club.
As we shall see tomorrow at 7pm ET, when Larry Sinclair reveals the full extent of Ali Akbar’s more recent nefarious activities which, if proven and prosecuted (which this news organization will insist upon!), will likely land Akbar back in jail, we continue to wonder why anyone — knowing what has already been proven — would give a nickel, let alone a credit card number, to someone who has proven to be so inherently dishonest.
Never mind how he went from sitting in a jail cell in 2007 to being the head of several “companies” by 2011 with no education, no visible means of support, nothing but a much-rumored “association” with Karl Rove and other Republican leaders who are rumored to have a taste for young, male flesh.  That will all come out as our investigation continues.

Maybe someone can figure "this" out....

Oct 05, 2012
America is About Freedom and NOBODY should have to date a man (even Al Gore) simply to avoid being bullied in the judicial system. Now that Mr. Gore's "bizarreness" & illogical thinking has been caught on camera people ...