Whistle Blower Blows Whistle on Whistleblower..... Sharyn Says Acorn Whistleblower Wanted Her To LIE (Not Expose GOP Bad Spenders).... She Has it Documented that She Said NO.... One of Her Death Threats That Was Reported to FBI Came from "Most Likely" Rick Perry Supporter. After Discovering a Pattern in Writing Styles Sharyn Has Sent Information to Another Source to Expose Rogue Felon Bloggers.....

Moderates Who Report Fraud are ABUSED.

The Franklin Center of Public Integrity and the 1st Amendment Center BOTH Ignored MAJOR Fraud that's "Real".... Sharyn Bovat wants BOTH to lose their 5013C Status...
Sharyn Bovat pictured with Anita Moncrief at Blog Bash....

Bovat has had multiple death treats and reported one to the FBI- She said on the report a Rick Perry supporter could be responsible.  She also said on report that she had multiple "threats" from being a whistle blower at NISSAN.  Sharyn had to write a list of WHO would  want to harm her.  It was NOT short.  Being HONEST is dangerous in the South.... Someone Get Me OUT!!!!

Great Expose at https://www.lsnewsgroup.com/2012/11/10/conservatives-determined-to-clean-up-conservative-corruption-part-2-of-3/

From: Anita Moncrief 
Sent: Friday, November 09, 2012 12:35 AM
To: Editor, Lawrence Sinclair
Subject: Re: Attn: Catherine Engelbrecht
You are a piece of work. Amazing how you take simple truth and make it look dirty. It’s really starting to seem to me that truth to you only matters when it hurts your targets. Tabitha is a sweet girl. Ali may have pissed you off but does he deserve the rabid attacks that ignore truth? I don’t ignore key facts or make my own interpretation of what is true. Add me to that hit list. I am not party to witch hunts.

Anita YES YOU ARE..... HELLO it's Sharyn....

Because I would NOT let my story be told without the TRUTH and that's the bipartisan "bad behavior" Anita ignored the Emerging Corruption I discovered happening at NISSAN...  Some people interpret her emails to me as "asking me to lie"   I clearly said NO.  Sal Russo KNOWS .....  ask him.  At this moment I'm debating on whether or not to publish email from her to me asking me to "do" things.  Maybe I can use those as a tool to break the NISSAN fraud story?

From: Anita MonCrief [mailto:a&&&&&&&&. com]
Sent: Wednesday, July 14, 2010 8:25 AM
To:                                                                                                                                             Subject: Sharyn Bovay

I was intrigued by Sharyn's story and as a whistle blower who has been fighting a powerful foe, I would love to offer her some support, or any help in getting her story out. I went from unknown to blogging and writing for a number of sites, I have testified in court and appeared before Congress. The road is never easy and sometimes you need a support network. Please pass along my email to Ms. Bovay and thanks for visiting my blog.


an email that was sent to Mark Silverman....
Sent: Fri, Mar 2, 2012 11:51 am
Subject: Sharyn Bovat Emails Gannett's Mark Silverman about Legal Advice Received in Reference to DOE Fraud. Clinton Climate People Feel Betrayed by NISSAN's Outdated Technology

So get this:  Since I whistle blew about the Leaf being built to fail before the DOE gave the cash to NISSAN I have a claim. It would be "stressful" but I was told that I could get someone to "do it" ....  Here's the issue.

By filing a False Claims suit the issues that I've blogged about for over 2 years would "have to be investigated". 
The DOJ has ignored the issue and "If" I do a false claims case then Holder's office would have to respond in 60 days.
The case is considered good because the car technology NISSAN is using is outdated & not what they promised congress. A technical expert who used to work for NISSAN and  directly with the Leaf battery has offered to assist me. People know I've been upset & knew about the DOE fraud since 2009 and I even told Carlos Tavares a NISSAN board member who was President of NISSAN North America.  He by the way did NOT like the direction Carlos Ghosn was taking the company.

Had someone listened to me that taxpayers would not have been taken advantage of.
If a False Claims suit is successful then Nissan  would have to pay back DOE loan  & the Treasury bank gets to take possession of the collateral (the Rutherford County IDB bond... and then Rutherford County would have to start paying the "debt service" on the collateral that they provided NISSAN .... they did this for job creation.  The fact is Leaf sales are "more than slow" and 1300 jobs for the DOE funded fraud won't happen) 
Yes!!  The  taxpayer has backed a DOE loan for a foreign company whose parent Renault does business for Iran.
The DOE loan is NOT secured by Nissan assets. 

YES!!! the TN taxpayers would pay back the US taxpayers.   
 I was told that this fact would be considered a "motive" for the State of Tennessee to allow the malicious prosecution of a whistle blower to happen,  I was jailed 3 times. and twice the class A misdemeanor that was dropped once in summer 2010 and again in 2012.  The police in the state tried to arrest me a 4th time with a faulty warrant.  I was stalked by a state trooper the summer of 2010.  The time Bredesen was governor (who by the way started a solar company "funding company" while he was still serving as governor) and Bredesen's top ECD leaders were big readers of my blog.  It looks like my blog was viewed from the same place that he has a vacation home.  Fisker, Tesla Solyndra and MANY DOE funded companies knew of my blog.  SOLYNDRA read my blog each day I was arrested.  I want "that" investigated. 
Mark "most likely" YOU thought the loan would get restructured.... BUT the odds of a Republican congress making dramatic changes to the structure of the loan or "writing off"  the 1.4 Billion DOE loan is a LOT less likely due to the exposure of SOLYNDRA & other DOE issues. Also because of me Senator  Lamar  Alexander got exposed in reference to "certain" issues.  Did you know that in 1992 I was asked to spend a day with the then "future presidential candidate" and that same year I was asked to go to RNC convention and work for Haley Barbour's nephew by the "same" person.  That person is connected to ex CIA, the deceased Lee Atwater & Jim Morton who was Carlos Ghosn's right hand man at Michelin and NISSAN.   Not many people are capable of "ratting out" Rahm Emanuel and Jim DeMint at the same time but the fraud that I've exposed has a "few" tea drinkers.   I hear Jim DeMint is a team player NOW and no longer associates with certain people.  Why do you think he's been so "quiet" during the presidential election.

Arianna Huffington once said in front of me that Sal Russo was ______________.   From what I know of Mr. Russo he's very talented and I'm not accusing him of anything or agreeing with Arianna Huffington who by the way was very kind to "average" people like me.

Memory when doing opposition research in the early 90's a "young man" was requested in getting info on Mr. Huffington.  One of the reasons WHY I quit politics was the "sleaze" factor.  That and people that I knew from the Iran Contra era started disappearing. I was quiet for 17 years BUT I started "speaking" when NISSAN treated me so poorly after I became a whistle blower.  FYI - If I'm stuck living in Tennessee because I'm UNEMPLOYABLE I want the threats I received investigated.  I need to know I'm safe.
Back to Blaming Obama:

An Obama bundler was used by Steven Chu's people at the DOE & approved the deal. 
Nissan is not punished for taking a DOE loan for a product that was "built to fail" and built to be an "image car"  Jobs will NOT be created.  Thanks  to bad Due Diligence of the DOE the taxpayer is screwed. 
It's been relayed to me that people connected to the Clinton Climate group feel betrayed by Nissan.  Maybe they can push President Obama to have Eric Holder investigate Nissan. Bob Corkers office asked Holders office to respond to the issues months ago and was ignored.   Maybe the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn can be roommates with the Blagojevich?
I'm tired of asking for people to "look at the issues."  Already I've filed a complaint with the DOE IGO office.  I've sent certified letters to many members of congress.  I talked to Eric Cantors office.  I've given documents to Jeff Gray at the DOE's IGO office and US Senator Bob Corker has  asked the DOJ to respond to the complaint. I've communicated the issues to the lobbying firm of BGR.  I attended CPAC and handed out brochures about the DOE fraud and asked Judicial Watch to help me.

Mark since your company Gannett knows about he DOE fraud and won't report the retaliation of a whistle blower I did an interview with Accuracy in Media and reached out to Andrew Breitbart (may he rest in peace).  I told you that OVER a year ago Anita Moncrief reached out to me and wanted to help me expose the issue and I told her "no" the reason why I changed my mind is I now "want" the ACORN treatment because I'm tired of living a life as a whistleblower in Middle Tennessee.

I want OUT of Tennessee  For almost 3 years I have done EVERYTHING humanly possible to get the attention of people about the issues of discrimination, corruption, & wasted spending of American tax dollars.  www.EricHolderInvestigateThis.com

Mark It's time for RESPECT for the Taxpayer and for me.  I've recently asked for help in finding a lawyer that specialized in Whistle blower retaliation.  I want a mediator to help me through this juggernaut.
PLEASE tell your "friends" in the mainstream media that I really want resolution everyday this continues I get more information about DOE fraud.  FYI-  Al Gore is "sleeping with the Saudis".   You'd be amazed how twisted this is. 
It's obvious now Mr. Brietbart isn't going to break my story so ya'll have a door open to deal with this quietly.     
Have a Great Day!

Sharyn Bovat