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Ali Akbar, Anita Moncrief, Robert Stacy McCain, Bill Murphy (Mitt Romney), the National Bloggers Club This is For YOU!

This is a Better Rant....

Dick Armey Disassociated with Freedomworks AFTER I Did the Research of the Rogue Felon Bloggers....  Phony 501c3's ALL Connected to the Tea Party.  Guess He Does NOT Want to Wear an Orange jumpsuit?

For the Record Other Bloggers Heroically Exposed This ALL I Did Was Follow Up on Their Leads - In Tampa at the Palladium View event I Talked to Robert Stacy McCain Directly and confirmed issues. I Had Already Had Documents About Anita Moncrief and Email that Connected the Dots to Sal Russo. In Tampa I had a "meeting" with a prominent person (many miles outside of Tampa) telling them of "issues"-  I Learned that Mitt Romney Social Media Director Bill Murphy Was Connected & that Made it Juicy.

Liberal Bloggers Helped the GOP By Aggressively and Comically Exposing the Fraud.   Conservative Bloggers Documented Conversations and One Blogger Professionally Documented Communicating the Problem to GOP Organizations.  To the Blogging Community... Thank You...

Maybe Dick Armey Can Give Us Some Funds to Start A Center Right Accreditation Program.?

 I'll I Want for the GOP to Get Healthy and to Accept Moderate Minds ....Like Me.    Otherwise I'm Voting for Hillary in 2016.   Remember Reince Priebus I'm the Voter Ya'll Need to Win.  Fiscal Conservative-Social Moderate.  It's Time for RESPECT.  I'm Putting This on My Dianne Feinstein Blog So One of Her Staffers Will Make Sure the IRS is Probing ALL Bloggers With Donate Buttons.  The Credible/Honorable Ones PAY Their Taxes.   Ali Akbar Have YOU Declared All Your Income?

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Was Told Dick Armey Distancing Himself from Bloggers and 501c3 fraud. Matt Kibbe Most Likely Did NOT Know of Issues. NOW He Does. Lets Create a Blogger Certification Program. Tell Donors to Look FOR Logo … That Way They Won't Give Money to Scam Artist. Lets Get Freedom Works and Center Of Public Integrity to Solve the Problem….
Date: December 5, 2012 11:53:18 AM CST
To: Special Interest Groups
Warning I did share some GOP "dirty" laundry.... Sorry Sal. Too much abuse of the internet in reference to political donations.  People are buying domains that "look" official and money is being syphoned to scam artist.   So lots of donations are "not spent properly" 

FYI- I communicated to Ed Gillespie's People in August that the Rogue Felon GOP bloggers 
connected to Freedomworks and the FRANKLIN Center of Public Integrity existed.   
THAT is WHY Dick Armey has "wisely" disassociated himself with them.

The reason WHY I wrote this is for the GOP to "clean up" it's act!!!

Hint.... He Likes Buses.   

FYI- I thought it was "sleazy".....  Paybacks a Bitch and I'm CRANKY - Today I'm gonna whistle blow against him.   It's time ALL People got RESPECT!!!

Senator Feinstein Staffer(1 more thing): 
I had a death threat that was traced back to TEXAS.  It was reported to the FBI.  Can YOU verify that it's being investigated? I'm TIRED of living in fear.


Sharyn Bovat

FYI- I communicated to Ed Gillespie's People in August that the Rogue Felon GOP bloggers connected to Freedomworks and the FRANKLIN Center of Public Integrity existed.   THAT is WHY Dick Armey has "wisely" disassociated himself with them.

Reince Priebus Do YOU Think I'm a Republican
Mr. Priebus Welcome to My GOP Nightmare.... WIll YOU Help Me?  GOP Rogue Felon Bloggers Have Terrorized Me. The man who people on the internet say ...

For the record and FULL disclosure I knew Ed Gillespie in the 80's and early 90's.  Oddly we first me at a CRP convention in the mid 80's.  We met at a Log Cabin hospitality suite.  He did not look too comfortable.  I knew immediately he was NOT gay (he was wearing polyester...luckily his wife has taught him how to dress.  Someday I'd like to meet Cathy:):)  Anyway, I learned he (Ed) was at the convention to "check out" the California Republican Party.  Then I was asked to "check out" Ed Gillespie.  Over the years we had some interesting conversations. Mainly at CRP conventions.  I told people connected to Reagan that he was "in love with the Constitution"  he just kept talking about it like it was a bible. NOW I know it's the "2nd best thing"  Thank you Ed for telling me to "read it."

  1. OK, back then Mr. Gillespie was aligned with right wingers (Dick Armey types) & those people worked "against me" when I ran for statewide party office.  I think it was late 1990 At a CRP convention in the Anaheim Hilton I had to run a kamikaze campaign for Associate Rep. as the Pro Choice/Log Cabin party endorsed candidate. A friend of Reagan's told me to run.  A political dirty trick was played to me - the conservatives worried that I might win.  I told Mark Silverman about that he'll put it in the book.  Anyway to "retaliate" I put a "winger" in a compromising position.

Here's a tidbit:  Years later that man wanted to be the governor of California but the "Arnold" people called me "after" I was living in Tennessee wanting me confirm the hypocrisy of the Pro Family values opponent.  I was told that they need to "play offense" you see in 2003 the moderate candidate for governor had a secret (I did not know what it was) until I blogged the name of the now congressman that I had encountered ....I blogged his name in spring 2011 & oddly days later a story broke that the former Governor had an illegitimate child.  Evidently once I "leaked" then another happened.  It sets off a chain.. Do you know how many reporters knew about "the child" and remained silent... Why?

NOW do YOU see the value in using opposition research as a "tool"   ....  People connected to Karl Rove's people taught me that.

FYI - Karl Rove is not connected to the ex CIA linked to illegal weapons deals & drug trafficking war mongers.  That operative is Sal Russo.

Every operative had their specialties.  

FYI - The Rove people used me on issues about demographics & districts.  I remember I went with Dora Kingsley to the San Francisco courthouse to look at the maps of the new congressional districts.  Then over dim sum ( I love dim sum) she asked me about the types of people living in the communities.

Did YOU know that Sal Russo got the Pentagon communications contract to "restore" Oliver North's image? Check out my button.  I did some of the research.   YES!!! I was "talented" and well respected.  Maybe that's why Dick Armey took my words about unethical bloggers "seriously."  OK....  that's enough for today.

Is someone helping me with the "health care" thing?  One More Thing:  I was told I had to be a Republican & I'm planning on staying in the party just to help them accept Free Market Moderates.  I'm waiting to see "if" they want me.  Reince Priebus has not called yet.  Why?  615-944-7599 Sir I need a job.  Getting the government job seems "slow"... Anyway- Former President Ford told me to be a "team" player.  All I'm doing today is trying to get Sal Russo OFF the roster (or bus).  He hurts society.  

Dick Armey received $8 million in deal to leave FreedomWorks

Washington Post (blog)-16 hours ago
Former House majority leader Dick Armey (R-Tex.) agreed to resign as chairman of the tea party 
group FreedomWorks in exchange for $8 ...

Dick Armey Quits Tea Party Group, Citing Internal Split
-Huffington Post-22 hours ago
-Wall Street Journal (blog)-22 hours ago

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