Rusty Welch from Cookeville Understands Why Exchanges Might Not Be Best Option: Still Haslam Will Most Likely Have to Do Them Due to States Dependency on the Federal Government. Tennessee

“This should be an absolute no-brainer,” said Rusty Welch, a Republican activist from Cookeville. “It’s not just a technical problem on a state exchange. It’s a philosophical problem.” The Tennessean

I asked this black guy "what are you doing here?" then he held up his sign. 

The Tea Party lacks diversity, affirmative action?                           Just kidding:):)

  People were friendly  Lee Douglas I never knew you were a Doctor.... 

"...Several speakers said Tennessee would be better served by leaving the exchanges’ creation to the federal government...This act is wrong for me, it’s wrong for you, and it’s wrong for Tennessee,” said state Sen. Bill Ketron, R-Murfreesboro. “However, we are going to have some type of national health care, so the question here today is, do we partner with the federal government? ...'No,' the crowd shouted back....."  The Tennessean 

 Fun Fact.... Sharyn Bovat could have been one for the inspirations for the "need" of the original Just Say No campaign.

If Gov. Bill Haslam cannot say no,” said Carl Boyd Jr., a Nashville radio host, “then it’s time to get another governor.”  The Tennessean