Did the Prince of Qatar Give Al Gore a 100 Million Dollar Thank You?


Al Gore sells Current TV to Al-Jazeera, nets reported $100 million

Fox News-15 minutes ago
Former Vice President Al Gore has made himself a much, much richer man by selling his little watched cable channel Current TV to the Emir of ...

The DoE loaned $529 million to Fisker Automotive, and awarded $249 million in grants to A123--themselves in the headlines after faulty batteries in Fisker vehicles, and aserious battery explosion at a GM tech center.

The two senators, Sen. Chuck Grassley [R-IA] and Sen. John Thune [R-SD] , wrote a letter to Energy Secretary Steven Chu, asking "Why should the American taxpayer have to accept the credit risk of a company owned by a foreign government?"
Fisker, whose cars are designed in the U.S. and built in Finland, is part-owned by the Qatar Investment Authority. Fisker responded by saying that the company has already generated more than $100 million in revenue, that it is focusing on creating American jobs, and that it wants to avoid politics

Senators Question DOE Loans to Fisker, A123 : Greentech Media

Jun 28, 2012 – Questions on A123's access to $249 million in DOE grants, Fisker's ...of the $249 million in stimulus grants it received to build its factory in Livonia, Mich. ...the company has an investment from the Qatar Investment Authority, ...

In his State of the Union address, President Obama set a goal of doubling America's use of clean energy by 2035 and putting one million electric vehicles on the road by 2015.