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Henry Barbour..... Just a Little Less Hostile Toward Those That Support Abortion and Gay Rights?

"a need to take a less-hostile tone toward fellow Republicans who support abortion and gay rights..."  Henry Barbour- helping fix the party his uncle once headed to make it more competitive in national races.

So does that mean instead of a woman being legitimally raped their legally victimized?  

OMG!!!  You people leading the committee ALL are silverspoon insiders (I do not know about 2 of them...still INSIDERS)  I knew Romney would lose and I knew the problems.....   I emailed over a dozen staffers mostly white boys in Boston that "thought" they understood social media. The GOP is clueless.  A Ron Paul Supporter last week asked me if their was hope the RNC would welcome libertarians.  I said after going to Tampa I don't think they'll let me in the Host city at the next convention.   Litterally I was told I was going to the convention then Romney "sold out" to Sal Russo and I was told I was not going.   Thank god differenct people got me into events.  Still- it's NOT the party it was in 1988 and the Internal Battle of Control is worse now than in 1992. At least in 1992 the wacky racist GREW UP....  HENRY YOU SEEM MORE REASONABLE NOW.   

Bloomberg News

Republicans Seeking Path to Victory After Loss to Obama

By John McCormick on January 15, 2013

Images from brighter days for the Republican Party cover Henry Barbour’s office walls, photos with past presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.


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The Republican Money Primary Begins

Charlie Rose Talks to Haley Barbour

He doesn’t expect to pose for similar pictures any time soon unless he succeeds in his latest mission: helping fix the party his uncle once headed to make it more competitive in national races.
Barbour, the nephew of former Mississippi governor and Republican National Committee chairman Haley Barbour, is one of five party members charged with recommending changes after the 2012 loss to a vulnerable President Barack Obama in a contest that spotlighted demographic and technological shortfalls with Democrats that may grow worse without action.
“We have a blank sheet of paper,” he said during an interview in his office overlooking the capitol in Jackson, Mississippi. “Whether it’s good, bad or ugly, let’s figure out what it is we need to do, whether it’s related to message or organization or campaign mechanics. Or is it fundraising? Or is it how we bought our ads? Is it the candidate? Is it our primary process?”
Barbour, 48, an RNC member since 2005, says the party’s problems are tied to all those things, plus a need to take a less-hostile tone toward fellow Republicans who support abortion and gay rights.

Purity Limitations

“If we want to have purity in our party, we can have it,” he said. “But we’re going to be the minority party. We’ll be a mighty small party.”


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