Rubio WRONG on Americans Visiting Cuba: Is it Just that the Cubans Want Guaranteed Citizenship Unlike the Mexicans? Serioulsy Rubio Must Know the "Immigration Free Ride" is Almost Over....

"You just went to Cuba and to fulfill your curiosity, which I could've told you about if you'd come and seen me for five minutes, you've left thousands of dollars in the hands of a government that uses that money to control these people that you feel sorry for," he said.

We have been traveling to Cuba for more than 30 years, have taken or sent about 24,000 Americans. We like to think that we are responsible for tens of thousands more going.  Not one has been prosecuted, fined, or jailed.
We believe that international travel is a Constitutional Right and that every American who can possibly go to Cuba, should go!
It is disgusting to us that Canadians, Europeans, even Russians enjoy "unrestricted" travel rights and Americans do not. If you truly want to be the freest people on earth, you must fight to restore our travel rights. 86% of the American people now want the embargo ended.  A handful of right wingers including our President are standing in the way of free travel and free trade.  They are violating our Constitutional Rights, the International Declaration on Human Rights, a United Nations Resolution to end the Cuban Embargo (vote was 185-3 October 2008 (2 countries abstained from voting), not to mention the violation of this nations signature (President Gerald Ford. August 1975) on the Helsinki Agreements.
When you get ready to plan your trip to Cuba, we hope that you will buy your trip from Americans like us, the ones doing the fighting for your travel rights.

Marco Rubio Rips US-Cuba Travel: "Cuba Is Not a Zoo"

ABC News-Mar 12, 2013
Sen. Marco Rubio recently slammed Americans who visit Cuba, including some of his Senate colleagues, saying that they are helping enable ...