Abuse Done to Clean Energy Whistleblower Exposed.

Those who speak out get a contract put out on them. They are targeted for taxes, character assassination, job database black marks, blog attacks, insurance delays, email hacking and other seedy intimidation efforts that Big Washington insiders specialize in.
DOE staff gave special consideration to Nissan and gave this Japanese company massive amounts of your United States tax dollars that they did not even need. The hundreds of other applicants needed the money, Nissan did not need your tax dollars. Why did they get it? Who profited in the transaction process? When you draw lines between the same bunch of characters in the Solyndra, Tesla & Fisker game; why are the same few people on the chart in a country with tens of millions of other options?:
Sharyn Bovat, a NISSAN whistleblower, is speaking to CoolSprings.com after she was jailed by Franklin police last Wednesday for what she has described as “an act of retaliation after whistle blowing against a Southern Good ole Boy Network”.