Al Gore's NEW Economic "Short Term Decision" Theory Could Be Based on His Personal Experience?

“There is a continuing focus on short-term decision making in markets and that is distorting the allocation of resources,” .... “It’s hurting the quality of decisions that are made by companies.” Al Gore..... 
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    The total cost of the American involvement in Libya was 1.1 Billion and that INCLUDES humanitarian aid.  NISSAN took a DOE loan via the Treasury Bank for 1.4 Billion.

     I've been told that 300+ million is pocketed/poorly spent.   I've blogged that fact & that NISSAN can't repay the loan if the Leaf is not a success. NISSAN needs to show America how they spend the money.... America needs to do an audit!!!

    ".... I was a consultant prince Fahad al Attiya of Qatar ..... He is a world famous car rally driver .... WHO LOVE GIMMICKS..... EVs fit that category like a glove...They (people in the Middle East) are also fiendishly greedy so they will pile-in with ....(people) like Al Gore on any quick in-and-out financial play where their name and kudos brings in the pigeons and patsies, the stock prices rises plenty, they sell out and pocket big dosh profits, and the stock price crashes to nothing......"  a viewer of my blog... he really did work for a Qatar prince too..

    Al Gore & Fisker Too - Note to NISSAN Board
    Al Gore & Fisker Too. Sent: Sat, Oct 22, 2011 2:57 pm. Subject: NissanWhistleblower told Fisker will go Bankrupt ...Same scam as Telsa (1st bankruptcy ).

"...Gore this year sold his Current TV network to Al Jazeera, the cable channel funded in part by oil-rich Qatar. The sale was announced in January with a price tag of about US$500-million.
Gore served as vice president during President Bill Clinton’s administration and shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for his fight against global warming...."  Financial Post/ Bloomberg