America Can't Afford Any More Leaks BUT to Stop the IC Hemorrhaging The People Running Intelligence and the Political Leaders MUST Be More "Straight with the Facts" ... Stop the Lying - Ya'll are Getting Busted with the Internet and There are Too Many Rogue Cowboy Hacker Types. The IC Needs to Do Some Housekeeping and Get Rid of the Bottom Feeders That are Cover Up Profiteers... The Lockerbie Truth is Supposed to Be Declassified. Why is the Mainstream Media NOT Reporting It?

"...In a memo, CIA Director John Brennan asked employees to tighten up their
communications with the media, an effort to reduce leaks. That memo was then leaked to the Associated Press..."  Alex Walsh -

Note to the Intelligence Community:  

The fact is some ex CIA have used their connections to build a Global Good Ole Boy Network.    They do NOT have LOYALTY to America.  

There are some great people at the company formally named Blackwater : Still there are a "few" bad Apples.   It's Time to tell them to STOP - just put America 1st.  YES!!!   I know their "good friends" of some and BIG political donors BUT I've talked to members of our military and they too have lost RESPECT for the CIA.  They have lost RESPECT of the political leaders of this county.   This is a systemic problem.   

The next generation needs John Brennan and the CIA to succeed.  They need to be taught the Loyalty is Important BUT they need to the RESPECT the people that are asking them to be loyal.  They need to know the the leaders of the CIA/DOD have their priorities straight. 

FYI - I NEVER outed anyone.  I did ALL this blogging and NEVER hurt my country, because I LOVE America..... warts and all.  

Below I posted on my website  a LONG time ago....

Why did President Obama give money to NISSAN from the Treasury Bank for over 1 billion dollars when they do business in Iran?  It really does not seem like smart geo political thinking to me.
Please let me know it you need anyone to help the committee... Please understand I understand "confidentiality"   I was silent for OVER 17 years and was leading a normal life it was NISSAN that "outed" me.  They made the relocation consultant the #2 Security Threat.   Anyway when I was in DC I got it confirmed that Iran is "most likely" responsible for the Lockerbie bombing.  My friend Mark Silverman says it's the sexiest story I've got.   Never thought dead civilians scattered across the UK countryside was sexy but heck.... it's the Mainstream Media.  I think they’re a "little late" in covering the story.   What do YOU think?
Sharyn Bovat is Gonna Fight for Humanity: As one of the family members of the Lockerbie tragedy wrote:   

"Be that as it may, if we look at this disgusting history with an objective eye, we might consider the honesty and credibility of all these characters. The standard test of such is usually "Would you buy a used car from this man?" Our answer is: No. And we wouldn't buy a new one, either" Jim Swire the Father of a Lockerbie Crash Victim