Ed Gillespie Let Me Tell YOU What Moderate Women Want....... PurpleAlert.org Started Due to PurpleAlert.com Being Almost $4,000 for Domain Name. Hey- Can Karl Rove Get American Crossroads to Buy the PurpleAlert.com? It's Non Partisan Education. Still it Helps the GOP Because it's a MODERATE Voice with GOP Undertones. Purple Alert Could Compete & in Some Cases Like the John Kiriakou CIA Whistleblower We'll Build Alliances with Code Pink. It's Important Moderate Women Have a Voice.... The .org was only $12.99

& www.PurpleAlert.org



Maybe a rich PAC can buy the dot com?

GOP Outreach Gets Serious
U.S. News & World Report (blog) ‎- 23 hours ago
... card and a box of expensive cigars to former national chairman Ed Gillespie. His wife may not appreciate the stogies, but the fact is that Gillespie, unlike any ...

In reference to John Kiriakou:

There is NO REASON for the ONLY person to be jailed for CIA torturing to be the whistleblower.  Either FREE John Kiriakou "or" JAIL the CIA people that actually did the torturing.  America looks like villains if we don't do one or the other.  CHOOSE ONE