Maybe the Putin Loving President of Marsha Blackburn's PAC can Get Snowden Back? Kline Preston Seems to Have an "In" with the Kremlin. Maybe the NISSAN CEO Who Just Became Chairman of the Board for the Russian Automaker and Who Will SHARE Amercican Technology with the Russians and Iranians Carlos Ghosn Can Get Back Snowden? Hey I'll Tell James Clapper....

Get the NISSAN CEO to Pull Some Strings... OMG  America Gave NISSAN a STEALTH Bailout.

I was told that BEFORE the "cash" from the DOE loan came along it was "iffy" if the company could survive.   Looks like FORD got a stealth bailout too..   It's time to call a spade a spade and I don't mind giving FORD Cash -   IT'S An AMERICAN COMPANY!!!

  1. US pressures Moscow to turn over Snowden

    Fox News-6 hours ago
    The U.S. government pressured Moscow on Monday to turn over NSA leaker Edward Snowden, while sending a strong message to the ...

  2. US to Russia: Give us Snowden

    CBS News-7 hours ago
    WASHINGTON The bizarre journey of Edward Snowden is far from over. After spending a night in Moscow's airport, the former National ...

    These are ACTUAL Tweets from my ex lawyer and the President of Marsha Blackburn's PAC

    Google James Clapper and Do an Image search... You'll see the NISSAN CEO who also is in bed with Putin.....   Carlos Ghosn can get Snowden Back?