Resume Writing Class for Gitmo Detainees Should Be on Letterman & Leno Tonight.... I Found Logic in Doing This....

Kudos to Lionel for the blog post....  Below his preview is "what" I posted on my blog targeting the attention of US Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Just when you think you`ve heard everything, this comes along. Imagine this. Well Mr. Al-Zawahiri I’ve been reviewing your employment application and was most impressed with your writing and interview skills. As you know this is an entry level position, that doesn`t pay much.
This last known address listed: Guantanamo. That isn`t camp x-ray is it? And this reference you`ve listed: a Mr. Al Qaeda, does he have an email or contact number? Well, everything seems to be in order. Oh, one more thing. A little advice, when cold-calling prospective clients, I`d lose that ‘death to the infidels’ tag line. I`m just saying.

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Brilliant... Having Resume Writing Seminars for Gitmo Detainees is REALLY a Form of Interrogation... It Does NOT Include Tortures.... Smart!!!   We Can't Make These Prisoners "Hate Us" When They Go Back to Their Countries... Treating People Humanly is IMPORTANT... We Want Out POWs Treated with RESPECT!!!!

"...The Joint Task Force Guantanamo (JTF) reportedly approved the courses as appropriate use of tax dollars. According to the JTF “Detainees at GTMO include: terrorist trainers, terrorist financiers, bomb makers, Osama Bin Laden bodyguards, recruiters and facilitators.”

They get to become bilingual too...