Edward Snowden Did Do Something Wrong BUT a Jury of NORMAL People NOT Tennesseans Would Find Him Innocent. America is Stupid "If" They Really Want to Bring Him Back to Face Justice. It's Better for Him to Live in Peace in Another Country.....

So it seems that in their goal to imprison me, to imprison John Kiriakou, to detain Bradley Manning in what have been called cruel and inhumane conditions and seek monstrous punishment, to aggressively prosecute NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake and others – they actually encouraged Snowden to reveal this important information.
The Snowden saga is a great teaching moment for the Obama administration. It is now reaping the fruit of its vindictive behavior.


America Has Been a Bit of a Bully....  
The people that are "Old School" need to get an education that too many of the electric is DISGUSTED by their past actions.....  The coup in Egypt should be America's LAST intervention of it's kind... If America "really did" intervene?