Exile in Ecuador - Dick Cheney and John McCain are Two NeoCon Nannies & Ted Cruz is Just Trying to Make a Name for Himself on Snowden Issue. Rand Paul is Just Being Like "Rand Paul" But the Reasonable Voices/Opinions Say There is NO Good Choice- Sharyn Bovat Says Ecuador Lovely and Snowden Should Live There.... WIth NO Internet Access. That's The Deal I'd Do If i Were Eric Holder. Putting Edward Snowden's Dad Through This is Horrible. It's True the Government is Hypocritical in WHO They Persecute. John Kiriakou is a HERO and Should Be Free.

A decorated Coast Guard officer, the elder Mr. Snowden says he, like his son, once “walked the halls of the National Security Agency.” He is disappointed with his son’s betrayal of his oath of secrecy as an NSA contractor and concerned that his son may spend life in prison.

Yet now, just a few weeks after demanding his son’s return home to face punishment, he is increasingly ambivalent about the younger Mr. Snowden’s disclosure of some of the government’s most prized secrets about its global surveillance activities.

“If my son was exposed to information that made him believe that the U.S. Constitution was being violated, then the unauthorized release of classified information is certainly not unconstitutional, and the Constitution is the highest law of the land,” Mr. Snowden said.

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Let Edward live in Ecuador - it looks like a great place for his family to visit him.

Here's a video that explains my opinion:

The condition is NO MORE Leaks