Chris Christie.... Say YES to Legalized Marijuana. Do it for Our Troops!!!

Christie pressed to approve medical marijuana law

CBS News-21 hours ago
A New Jersey father pressed Gov. Chris Christie, R-N.J., to approve a measure expanding the availability of medical marijuana to children at a campaign stop on ...
Young conservatives told Sharyn Bovat in Denver during the presidential debate and at CPAC in Colorado THEY WANTED MARIJUANA Legalized....

Over 70% of those that served out military (close to 80%) want PTSD covered in legalization laws. Those men and women deserve to know that they can "take a puff" to relieve the stresses of war. Sir, you'd sign the law If you ever had to hear a guy talk about having to shoot an Afghan woman because she had a bomb strapped to her and had he NOT shot her then he's be dead.    The guys that serve see a LOT and do a LOT and they are really emotionally screwed up and they want to smoke pot.  LET THEM.

It's only fair to those that "served" America to make it legal.
Not to mention all the "issues" with who has been arrested and jailed for this in the past.

A man that had led the Chicago Housing Authority ate breakfast with me.  He told me that the implementation of the drug laws have DESTROYED the black community.  He convinced me that racism in the courts has been a greater crime than the crimes young black men "do time" for. I told that man I was invited to a conference in San Francisco - but decided not to go. At that conference Eric Holder was planning on announcing changes.

Back to Chris Christie... a LOT of young people want legalization.  America should do that and TAX the pot.  As  a person living with PTSD I can say that I want to live in a place that has legalized marijuana.  Why should I not feel the pain on weekends.. YES!!! I know during the week I won't be able to do it... BUT having a weekend that is stress-free and I can forget about "things" that I witness just for a little while.  The thought of possibly having the joy of being able to relax... makes me write this and ask the NJ Governor to pass the legalization law.  Let the people with PTSD have hope.