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Whistleblowers Source Links John Seigenthaler & Tennessee to JFK Assassinations. Issues of Japanese Profiteer Too.... Isn't Caroline Kennedy NOW Ambassador to Japan? Yes!! She is and ALSO Worth OVER 300 Million Too. She's a Good Person BUT Some Say She Sold Her Soul

"Why is this important to the discussion? I think I told you that my ***** did was a ********who was a go between the government, private industry and black organizations. In the early 1970s the government and the private heads got together and decided to cap all the oil wells to make it look like our reserves were in danger so we would have to go overseas to get the oil cheaper....." 

"Look closely at the Jimmy Haslam Boad of Directors page I sent you. Notice how he was on the JFK preforming arts BODs. I honestly am getting the
feeling these Tennesseans are all a who's who of who was involved in the JFK
assignation. Just an eerie feeling. When I get those there is usually something that come to light..."  a viewer

.On Oct 3, 2013, at 6:45 PM, ************ wrote:

I just have a strong feeling that if he is selling to the government
for reserves then they already know all about what he is doing with
their approval. This tells me this involves far more than the CIA. I
assure you the President and Vice President know what is going on.
This now makes sense by the CIA and FBI connection to the Tennessean, their publisher being connected to JFK the same year he was killed and then again when FK was killed. The stuff I sent you shows there Oak Ridge connection too.
Even Oswald signed into Oak Ridge proving his connection to the government.
The main person at Oak Ridge at that time was also went to school with Jack Ruby in Chicago. Then MLK was killed here too. Want to go one stepmore?
Jimmy Hoffa was  charged in Nashville with a crime and had his case
moved to Chattanooga and go five years. The publisher was also the
same person who told Gore there was an open seat in the Senate. Way too many happenings form one geographic area in too short of a time.There were testing ways to assassinate people at Oak Ridge. The person was the same person mentioned that grew up with Jack Ruby. Think this does not have anything to do with now? I think it very well could.

Why is this important to the discussion? I think I told you that my *****
did was a ********who was a go between the government, private
industry and black organizations. In the early 1970s the government
and the private heads got together and decided to cap all the oil
wells to make it look like our reserves were in danger so we would
have to go overseas to get the oil cheaper, send it to Japan where
they could produce cheap products with cheap labor then send it to the  USA where they would learn to accept products that tore up quicker and would buy more. Thus the end of the metal world. Did not hurt the steel business. In fact it increased the need for rail transportation. This is the way they think. They know there is an embargo and could care less. The reason there is most likely an embargo is because they want there to be.

The billion dollar question is why?

My guess not knowing a lot about it is that they keep the foreign competition from getting to it. Or you drive down the price they can ask for it thus providing the US with cheaper oil so the Saudis have to keep their prices down to compete. Or it could be to threaten the Sheeks to keep their prices down on the wholesale market to turn around and sell it for much higher prices without the citizens knowing they are getting it cheaper. All I am saying is that they are all in on it. 


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