Wanna Know WHY Medea Benjamin of Codepink Was Beaten Up In Egypt? ---- Read Between the Lines ----- Bob Dickey gannett, Gracia Martore gannett Looks Like the Future Egyptian President El Sissi Thinks ALL Journalist Work for Gannett and are Pathetic Ball Lickers

Still, he said he was opposed to the past governments' lack of transparency, saying authorities must provide information to the people to counter negative reports. "Transparency is one of the basics of national security," El-Sissi  

(YES!!! the man who told the press to NOT report the news then says Transparency is a basic" how freaking retarded does he think the press is- NOT all journalist work for GANNET - sorry Bob Dickey and Gracia Martore it was a below the belt comment BUT I've been stalked by Mossad & befriended by Egyptians and something truly scary & congress is still giving tons of US taxpayer money to Egypt  oh yeah and their killing LOTS of people too... NOBODY is gonna report it.... this is NOT a democracy and America should NOT pay for it)

Thank you Maggie Michael of AP for reporting the story:

Egypt and Israel to reach another gas deal

Aljazeera.com-14 hours ago
The owners of an Israeli gas field have reached an agreement to export trillions of cubic feet of natural gas through Egypt, a lucrative but ...
Israeli Offshore Natural Gas Is Headed to Egypt
Wall Street Journal-May 6, 2014