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A very very *dangerous* idiot You understand that him and G W Bush cooked up an entirely illegal war against Iraq in 2003 "and then they walked away from it", just like that, no war crimes tribunal for either of them

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He's an IDIOT

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IT was Dick Cheney that cooked it up.  W not that smart.  FYI- My bio dad mentored “Ford’s NEW guy” on a flight in the mid 1970’s I only saw Mr. Daly of World Airways… my real dad a pilot was in Laos running drugs/weapons anyway my mom arranged for me to spend time with Mr. Daly and I remember about 6 visits. & couple times they were on planes deadheading (flying empty) from Oakland to Dulles.  One flight he told my mom he had to spend time with “Ford’s New Guy” so my mom made me sit in the private section of the plane…  they configured the front part to be a lounge with tables.  They laid out maps of Vietnam… etc.  Anyway Mr. Daly was screaming at the NEW Secretary of Defense and telling him America had to stay in Vietnam cause he had contract with Boeing …he needed the war … LOTS of vendors needed Vietnam to continue.  Ford’s New guy was Donald Rumsfeld.

Tidbit: My bio dad mentored Fred Smith too.  He founded FedEx… World was doing the CIA drug running but my grandfather (CIA ethics legal advisors) did not like drugs and passengers on the same planes.  VOILA a cargo airline. Today FedEx is the #2 DOD vendor and they took a LOT of business away from US Post office and sadly FedEx jobs don’t pay well for “average” workers and many are seasonal with no job stability and no guaranteed retirement.  That explains one of the ways the American middle class is being destroyed.    

President Ford had tacos w/me in 1992 just the two of us this happen during the RNC convention in Houston. I was given short notice and told i could talk to him about anything BUT the JFK thing. President Ford was a humanitarian in many ways & listened to me when I ranted about the guy who wanted to take over the GOP. I was working for Henry Barbour at the RNC convention whose the nephew of Haley Barbour who in 1993 became the RNC Chairman and the powerful lobbyist became an even more powerful power broker. ….

Anyway President Ford lost in 1976 to Jimmy Carter fired hundreds of Nixon era CIA in the late 70’s and cancelled World Airways DOD contracts and that’s why my Bio dad ( a democrat) helped do the Khomeini deal (basically the Iranians kept the hostages until the Republicans were in charge)

VERY IMPORTANT: Had Bush been involved with the 1979 Khomeini deal he would’ve got the nomination in 1980. The GOP presidential contenders in  1980 were Howard Baker, George Bush & Ronald Reagan… Haley Barbour back in the 70’s was aligned with Nixon & in 1980 wanted Reagan- why not Bush?

Howard Baker a Tennessee Good Ole Boy with BIG Chamber connections is linked to the JFK—MLK CIA cover up a son of a CIA guy for LBJ says that the Good Ole Boy network linked to the Southern Industrial Development Yada Yada was complicit  with the assassination of Kennedy and the bullying of Martin Luther King.   

Bush was able to get Baker out of the running for president in 1980 with the help of “ethical” CIA but Reagan had operatives that formed an alliance with Howard Baker & got the nomination. As President Reagan gave key positions to Howard Baker allies (Bill Lacy who I “indirectly” worked for got White House Communications) the players that did Iran Contra stuff are linked to the World Airways 1979 Khomeini deal & the airline got business in the 80’s to run guns to Afghanistan for Operation Cyclone.

Later Haley Barbour bullied Clinton with sex scandals… I was asked to be on the “trolling for tattletales” team and eventually Clinton caved and allowed for US intel to be outsourced to BLACKWATER and in 1997 a LOT of mysterious deaths happened..

I'll get into more soon