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James Comey Can the FBI Protect Me From the Clinton Campaign - I Want SAME Security Louis Freeh is Getting. I'm SCARED!!! DOD Whistleblower Approached By Hillary Clintons Team About a Job & She Told Them NO - Man That Spoke to Her Worked on Prism Program During Time Sharyn Bovat Was Bullied for Whistleblowing on NISSAN

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Note to Alan Remson about Hillary Clinton Campaign 
Date: September 16, 2014 at 11:20:35 AM CDT
To: Alan 
Cc:, Michael Dorris <>,,,,, Anita Househam <>,,

Subject: It was a pleasure meeting you tonight
Date: September 12, 2014 at 9:34:09 PM CDT

It was a pleasure meeting you tonight and I look forward to meeting you again. 

Sent from Alan's iPhone 301 ************


Thank you for the great conversation last Friday & I’m honored that a Clinton logistics person considered me for any position in the Hillary campaign. The fact is she has a great chance of becoming President & i might be missing out on a once in a lifetime opportunity to be apart of making history. Due to the reasons below we must end the dialogue. 

When I asked you about your connection to Henry Kissinger you said “everyone knows Henry” & you drive a new black Mercedes & based on those two things I’ve linked you to the CIA/MIC clique, I could be wrong but my gut tells me yes. My family was connected to the CIA/MIC clique and they (the clique) scares me. As a child I called people associated with them “the creepy people”…I forgot to tell you last Friday that my grandfather was part of Operation Condor & I know Mr. Kissinger did the strategy that including political dissidents being thrown out of airplanes.  My Aunt dated an Argentina man in the late 70’s who was a polo player and today is a well known banker.  My grandmother told me Papa (my grandfather’s nickname) was gonna make him President of Argentina.

Sir  I appreciate Mr. Kissinger's views on many things BUT the assassination shit has got to end. I learned that Louis Freeh auto accident was no accident. I too was in an auto accident a few years ago and it happened when I was driving to Wisconsin to talk to a reporter.  I was told “if” they wanted to kill me they would instead they (the clique) has terrorized me. I’ve asked the Feds for security.  

Anyway when we spoke I asked you about Benghazi and you said you did the #’s and as long as Hillary is silent it’s a non issue & I agree (politically) with your statement.

Also you said you were planning on retiring after the election & oddly I heard that “2016” is Henry Kissinger's “last fling” and that source used the same words you did.  Also a few days before you spoke to me I was told the GOP establishment had “signed off” on Hillary winning. The GOP civil war is still happening and they need to focus on keeping their base.  Hillary would appoint a DOJ that would “protect” those that have economically harmed our nation.  I was told by an AEI economist that another recession will hit ( due to a reckless Treasury that was led by Timothy Geithner whose a prodigy of the Henry Kissinger camp. Bad collateral from the 2010 stimulus that included green fraud inc. the issue that I whistle blew about in reference to NISSAN). It was communicated to me those in the Bush camp have become friendly to the Clinton’s and deals already done.  Haley Barbour will make sure a “losing” GOP nominee is in place too.   The strategy is an old one called FAILURE for POWER. 

Mr. Remson Lets face it the Tea Party is a “scattered” group & will not have the support of the masses the way the Clinton operation will.  It’s very possible Hillary will have an “easy” go at it cause Gannett dominates in Iowa and I learned they’re “on the team of Hillary” the Des Moines register won’t let anti Hillary articles be published.  I learned that they do report issues but “hide the content”… Did i tell you i dated the former Ben Bradlee winner from Gannett. Gracia Martore the CEO gets a 46 million dollar termination bonus “if” fired & I was told stories like the abuse done to me in Tennessee were not told by the Gannett owned Tennessean simply to protect NISSAN (who pays for ads & to protect the govt grants going to fund the electronic car, sadly yesterday it was reported that what I whistle blew about is true and NISSAN will stop making the batteries & most likely 1.4 Billion taxpayer dollars went down the toilet.  Haley Barbour and also the new Gov of Virginia Terry McAuliffe made money from ev stimulus.. Terry is a distant relative of mine & I’m going to ask him to have mercy on me for being a whistleblower & have the state of Virginia also “protect me”… 

Also I read up on the man you said was the “pre determined” VP Martin O’Malley and he sounds like a combination of John Kennedy & John Gotti (I hope he’s more like Kennedy :):) Please tell him I’m “very” impressed that bars close just for his entourage and “that” is the one thing I will miss not experiencing (well that & my kid wants to fly on Air Force 1).    If Hillary decides to not run and Martin O’Malley runs for the top job (yes I know the Iowa stuff is an ‘illusion” but if he does go for the gold let him know I’m available.The limited op research on him so far he’s OK - just tell him to “keep his pants zipped” at least through the election:)  

Did I ever tell you that my great great grandfather is a former Gov of Maryland his name is William Grason?  Tell Mr. Malley we have a lot in common - except I’m a republican. I can’t figure out why the GOP has not offered me a job. OMG!  they do have a problem with attracting women. That again proves the GOP establishment is conspiring with the Clinton camp.  I’m a former op researcher for Karl Rove operatives- I’m a former spy to Nancy Reagan you’d think if Reince Priebus wanted to win he’d hire me.  I’m talented and the fact the Hillary camp reached out to me PROVES IT. (i’ll cc Ed Gillespie). 

Lastly i want to say that I noticed you have a "top secret" security clearance & got to work at the State Dept “even though” you violated a restraining order? I do not understand the circumstances on why a judge originally gave you 30 days in jail for breaking the order & then it was set aside for 4+ years - it makes no sense except you used your political connections. Sir YOU worked on the Prism program during a time that I was harassed a LOT.  Oddly you only worked on the program for 4 months BUT during that time the bullying of me was extreme. Also during that time 3 men at Renault were falsely accused of being spies.  I have already shared information with the Feds because i want a RICO investigation.  I could be wrong about you BUT I’ve got a good gut.

I’m sad I won’t work for the woman that might be America’s 1st female President. The reason why I feel comfortable with this lefter is I told my daughter Hillary’s people talked to me about a possible job and she said “is that the lady that let her husband have oral sex with another woman”….  My 12 year old is smart & I’m uncomfortable about her knowing about “that” & I’m more uncomfortable thinking the 1st female President might not be the best role model for young girls.

For my safety I’m cc’ing the FBI, the IC Whistleblower liaison & Mike Dorris (a former FBI guy), and also a few people I decided to trust simply just to stay alive. Please hit “reply to all” and clarify the restraining order issue if needed. Alan I wish a peaceful life & ask that you not put on the “list” to be whacked for i want to live a long life and see my child turn into an adult.  Let me know if it will help me if I promise to not talk about the TWA 800 cover-up? 
Yes I’ve added the United Nations to the CC list - I might need to apply for political asylum if Hillary wins. My hope is Scotland goes independent cause I hear their pissed off the Lockerbie Truth is quashed because of Clinton allies.  George H Bush never let an individual be framed during the cover up (that was done for nat security reasons) the Clinton’s allowed for innocent men to be persecuted and in return oil deals were done. Everyone knows 95% Iran ordered the bombing as retaliation for Iran Air 655

Have a Great Day!

Sharyn Bovat

This letter is to also state I do not want you to talk to me again. I might see you at a meet up BUT I will not engage in a conversation with you - My goal is to have a peaceful LONG life.  

William Grason - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

William Grason (March 11, 1788 – July 2, 1868) served as the 25th Governor of the state of Maryland in the United States from 1839 to 1842. Grason also serve


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