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OMG!!! The Gannett Owned Tennessean is NOT Catering to the Haslam Good Ole Boy Network.... Is Tom Ingram Still Pooping in His Pants? James Comey Ya'll at the FBI Can Read My Text Messages- I'm Sick of Death Threats and I Want YOU to Read Them and BUST the NISSAN Execs linked Carlos Ghosn & Dept of Energy Fraud - Simon Sproule of Tesla KNOWS That NISSAN Never Intended to Make the Leaf Batteries Succeed in Murfreesboro the 1.4 Billon EV Loan Was Used for a "Cash Flow" Problem. NISSAN Used OUTDATED Tech They Knew Would Fail... It's Called FRAUD.... Where the **** is Leslie Caldwell... Do We Really Have to Wait for Holder to Resign to STOP the Green Collar Corruption in Tennessee... Lets Face it the Planet Needs Help and Al Gore You Know Putin's Allies at NISSAN Were in the EV Business as a False Flag to Keep the USA and EU Addicted to Oil.... Just Ask Gerard Schroeder of GAZPROM

Thank you Bob Dickey and Gracia Martore of Gannett CHANGE is happening at the Tennessean & NOW humanity in Tennessee can happen:):) 

"...You are a responsible voter and should be treated as such. It is incumbent upon us to demand information about candidates and vote our conscience, and not shirk the responsibility that our constitution's authors gave us. We should not give that responsibility to an elite few who believe that only their opinion counts. Voters should use Amendment 2 to send a strong and clear message to the legislature: The judges of the Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal shall be elected by the qualified voters of the state. Vote NO on Amendment 2, and for your rights to hold government officials accountable...."
The Tennessean-43 minutes ago
Yet, since 1971, Tennesseans have not elected the judges who sit on appellate courts; that was when a Democratic legislature, concerned ...

FBI Director Says Data Encryption Hurts Crime-Solving

New York Times-1 hour ago
James B. Comey, the director of the F.B.I., speaking at the Brookings Institution in Washington on Thursday. Credit Jose Luis ...
FBI Chief Warns Against Phone Encryption
Wall Street Journal-59 minutes ago

NISSAN Leaf fraud....

 Here's a cool pic..... OMG!! I love these helicopters....


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