James Comey did the FBI Field Office Tell You About Mary Ann Duke's Malicious Prosecution that Martin O'Malley the Governor of Maryland KNEW About? It Happened AFTER She Wrote Damning Words About Him in a Book That Was Sold at Barnes & Noble & Posted on a Bill Board in Times Square in NYC. I Wonder if Ex Clinton Staffer & Former Bill de Blasio Campaign Guy Bill Hyers Know the Abuse Done to Mary Ann Duke By Martin O'Malley?

 After spending the day with Mary Ann Duke learning about the abusive politically appointed judges in the family courts in Maryland I learned that Martin O'Malley knew about Mary & did NOTHING to help her. Worse she wrote that in a book in 2009 & was later railroaded in the Maryland courts getting 13 months time served for her 2nd DUI.  The strange thing is she was in her apartment for 53 minutes BEFORE the police came to do a breathalyzer.... 

How could she be arrested for Driving Under the Influence when she wasn't in her car?   

Lets hope the people of Iowa ask "that" to the presidential wannabe Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley. 


This is VERY odd....

2 hours after using an email account that had I allege had previously been "hacked" by a Clinton Ally... Martin O'Malley "puts off" his 2016 bit.  it's odd..  I had heard from Hillary's logistics guy Alen Remson (who has a top secret clearance and had worked on the Prism program) that Martin O'Malley was running as president for name recognition, the deal had already been done to make him Hillary Clinton's VP.