Voice of a Moderate Editorial: Putin & Clinton Scarier Than Iran - America MUST be Energy Independent to Prevent WW3.

It's Putin's ego and global empire that are harming the world. 

How much is Putin worth?

He's a narcissist and cares about PUTIN.

Did you ever see that picture of Putin with Reagan in the late 80's?  it was rogue CIA that helped set it up & they profited from Putin.

Putin hired the ex German Gerhard Schorder leaded to be a lobbyist for Gazprom too.  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/ukraine/10795042/Gerhard-Schroeders-birthday-party-with-Vladimir-Putin.html

The Russian people are good people BUT their leader oppresses them just like the average Iranian people 70% simply want peace BUT the extremist have artfully used propaganda to destroy the lives of so many in their country. America needs to know "who" the evil instigators are and the signs point to Putin & Khomeini:  The only hope is the President of Iran is NOT Khomeini.

We must keep Iran away from accepting help from a leader that kills his opponents & bullies the world while personally profiteering.  

I've got word that Cameron in the UK has been "compromised" and the UK is in dire need of a "shake up".... i sure do hope that people listen. FYI= Hillary Clinton has been compromised too, just look at her foundation. Both the Clinton and Tony Blair have profited from Oligarchs that own oil companies & countries that want her as a leader. How come people are willing to give her 2.5 BILLION to run for president. HELLO.. It's all about foreign energy. 

 It's no longer about conservative or liberal it's about oppressive regimes vs rights of the masses. Oddly in America Hillary Clinton is leading the effort for the USA oligarchs that profits unfairly. I can't understand WHY the dems don't oppose her in the primary.  Just like the shift from the GOP leading the way for nationwide diversity and fairness (Lincoln was one of us) I see a parallel to the democrats leading the way for corporate greed.  Who would have thought the Koch bothers were gonna lead that effort but it looks like Libertarianism is the only pathway to true FREEDOM.  

That said I believe the government needs to provide healthcare to ALL and I believe in protecting the planet. YET I believe in American energy independence and think that ALL energy sources should be on the table in order to secure our nation from being dependent on the Middle East, Russia and others for energy. Money should be spent "at home" to create energy for Americans. The path we've taken as a nation in the 2010 stimulus failed. The average cost per job created was 2,000,000 & many of those jobs were just temporary.  America needs a new plan and one that's "realistic" whoever has that plan will have my vote in 2016.  At this point I do not know "who" that will be.