Google Al Gore Dating and See my Pic with Carly Fiorina ... I Want to Know If AL Gore is Running in 2016 & If So WHEN are His People Gonna Release Me From My Debt to the HIm. I Do Owe Al Gore My Life and I Made a Promise BUT If It's NOT Gonna Happen I'd Like Resolution with the CIA/NISSAN Thing.

An Apple exec told me I was "sidelined" from working on election cause Al's still interested in me & he might run.  It's ridicules!!!!   That's why I don't think Hillary's gonna win primary. I keep thinking ppl are playing mind games with me BUT my friend Mike would like to sleep with me but can't. You'd be amazed at what's happens EVERY TIME I start to date anyone. 

All I can say is I haven't directly talked to anyone that has DIRECT access to Gore in over a year but ppl part of a global effort to eliminate the Sarkozy types linked to Henry Kissinger are telling me stuff. Their ending the Global Good Ole Boy Network and Google is a key player. 

That issue with France and the "Right to be Forgotten" stemmed from my blogs exposing the Renault CEO for falsely accusing 3 men as spies in 2011... The Global Good Ole Boy network was part of Buck Revell's network too. Hillary Clinton is BIG in it and Kissingers choice for President.

Can you ask ppl in Cleveland what Gore's  up to?  It's insane & ridicules BUT I think the Nicer and Less Crony New New World Order is forming and he's a leader... So are the Koch brothers. I know the progressives worked with AFP to get rid of Eric Cantor & to create a fair judicial system. They even helped elimiate the Expost Import Bank... The conservatives did do a HELL of a lot more than the libs on that. 

AFP has done a lot of great things & YES the alliance with Al Gore is a strange one BUT it's real & all I want to know is what's happening to me because of a deal I made with Gores ppl a LONG time ago "just" to get a clean judge in Tennessee.  I do owe that man (Al Gore) my life cause he did save it.  Ppl connected to Howard Baker wanted me jailed & or dead. I made a promise back in 2012 to get the "clean judge" in Tennessee and I'll keep it. I just want to know IF I'm gonna be.......