"In Average America The 2016 Election Starts TODAY" Sharyn Bovat the Voice of a Moderate

See this Meet the Press clip

Starting Today the "real voters" are gonna be making up their minds. I predict Ted Cruz will get Trump & Carson supporters & Marco Rubio will get Bush & Kasich supporters. I'm totally confused about Chris Christie cause the guy is TOTALLY unelectable... Not cause he was fat BUT cause women don't trust him.  The dems need to know that woman don't trust her either. Rand Paul just said on Meet the Press he wants to STOP giving foreign aid to countries who don't respect us & THAT is just what moderates want to hear....Maybe Rand will be what America wants in 2020 or 2024:):)


I'm enjoying politics in my PJ's & will be back in America's playpen (DC) next week:):)