James Comey Maybe the FBI Should Talk to FAA Manager Dan Herschler About Pan Am 103 and TWA 800 Cause Their Managers KNOW About the Cover-Ups and Don't Have Security Clearances. iTold an Apathetic FAA Manager Who Befriended Me Cause He "Fears" Losing His Cushy Job That He Convinced Me the Agency Needed a Shakeup & Should Be Privatized.

Also they (the FAA) KNOWS Ted Stevens was murdered in a plane crash & the NTSB has some "corrupt" investigators. Sometimes private companies are "more accountable than government agencies and the victims of crashes deserve RESPECT!!! 
I'm in the process of "redacting" my conversations with Dan Herschler ...  He's NOW in the same category as Aarron Geldudig  aka the "Frisky Colonel" ... 

Voice of a GOP Moderate: Aaron Geduldig I'm at a ...


Sep 9, 2014 - Aaron Geduldig I'm at a Conference Talking About Sexual Assault in the Military - Want You To Know I NEVER Said You Did Anything Wrong.

FYI-  I don't just attack men who ask me out for dates randomly...  I just "do what I'm told" and I was told that Dan Herschler acted inappropriately and deserves what he's getting. 
Also the FAA needs to re-organize because there's a big need for Air Traffic Controllers (too many current ones are getting ready to retire, it has to do with ALL the new hires from the Reagan era) and the FAA is having difficulty hiring and meeting the mandates the with governments "diversity" program.  Evidently they've tweaked the test so more blacks, hispanics and women can pass it BUT the program (as it is today) is difficult for them to pass.  By switching to a more technically advanced system that's user friendly MORE people (& more diversity) will be able to perform the job.  The job requirements will shift away from math brained types (think of ALL the computer programers we need to hire from India, this is similar) the ATC role will go from needing a "specialty brain" to needing people that are good communicators & ALL people of all genders & colors can do that. The re-org in my mind is a win-win. Well not if your job is based on the "old system" and Dan Herscher's job is based on that.   

I'll explain more later.  The legislation being proposed might need some tweaks but it's my understand that for AIR SAFETY America needs to transitions ATC to Satellite based system .  

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