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Messiest GOP Debate Digested & To My Bush Family Friends My Comments are NOTHING Personal. Bottom-Line "if" Donald Trump beats Jeb! by over 10 points then it's a referendum against George W. Bush's decision to go to war in Iraq.

    ***Moderates that thought Donald Trump was too vulgar to ever get their vote have NOW told me that they LOVED him calling out the Bush administration on going to war in Iraq and that "that" might sway them to vote for Trump over Clinton***
    (who i do not think will be the nominee, i think it's Al Gore:) 
    "Thirty-two percent of these debate watchers say Marco Rubio won the debate, beating out Donald Trump (24 percent) and John Kasich (19 percent), who are ranked second and third, respectively. Further down on the list are Ted Cruz (12 percent), Ben Carson (8 percent), and Jeb Bush (5 percent)."  CBS News 
    Yes!!! Rubio did well in the debate cause he "beat" expectations YET Marco kept saying Ted Cruz was a liar ...  Ted Cruz PROVED beyond a reasonable doubt when he spoke Spanish AFTER Marco Rubio said he couldn't speak Spanish (that proved to the eyes of "Average America" that Rubio was a liar) & his comments against Cruz were discounted. 
    If Donald Trump beats Jeb Bush in South Carolina a state that's notorious for supporting hawkish candidates i believe that after Saturday's debate Jeb! is toast. 
    If Marco Rubio cannot beat Ted Cruz in the War Toy building state of South Carolina then I believe he's "toast". 
    The ONLY "establishment candidate"  that's capable of beating Donald Trump in the Super Tuesday States is John Kasich & that only happens "if" all the other establishment candidates drop out and endorse him, that's Rubio & Bush BUT then they'd have to face Ted Cruz.
    Both Donald Trump & Ted Cruz can beat Hillary Clinton.  I do not think Marco Rubio can due to his ties to Dick Cheney Donors & this election seems to be a referendum against America's War Mongering.   
    Hillary Clinton is considered a war monger from a large sample of "educated democrats" ...  For war weary voters the choice would be the best of two evils.  Oddly Cheney supporters have been backing Clinton via the US Chamber who has hired some of her policy people.  Call me if you want details 615-944-7599. 
    Bottom-Line if Hillary Clinton is forced out of the the race then Kasich/Fiorina ticket is the strongest opponent against a Gore/Warren ticket. As a moderate I'd be happy with whoever won that 2016 fantasy race: I have some BIG concerns over the pacifiers used by Donald Trump fans... to gaudy. 
    Since the odds are 30% I will be dating the Democratic nominee I would fear Al going against Kasich.  Current Op Research done against Kasich has come out with only negative 4 issues.  If I do NOT date the democratic nominee which is more likely (70%) I would work for any of the GOP candidates and to the following: 
    1) Try to encourage Rubio to "lay off the Red Bull".. he seems a bit wound up.  
    2) Tell Ted Cruz if I worked for him to come up with an Obamacare replacement BEFORE he rants about repealing it. 
    3)  I'd encourage Donald Trump to expand his populist dialogue and come up with specific ways to improve the "mess" of America's healthcare system and I'd encourage him to tackle the wasted military spending and encourage Trump to get a man whose worked with the DOD budget (Chuck Hagel) to help him formulate Defense cuts.  Too much money spent on outdated congressional pork based weapons systems and the the high tech military hardware America needs is harmed by the congresses continuous commitment to fund military relics. 

    Final Comment:
    AL Gore unlike Hillary Clinton was against going to war with Iraq & so was Donald Trump iso with that issue "off the table" then Al Gore 80% would beat Donald Trump.  That comment is based on the assumption that Trump BEATS Bush in South Carolina 
    Lastly, Al Gore's people have been very kind to me and I want to tell them THANK YOU!!! 
    Whatever happens between me and the BIG Green Lib is OK & if he choses the like minded "lib" it's OK. I believe in god and I will accept whatever the decision is.
    FYI - I'm in it to win... Guess I have some Trump in me:):)  & I did communicate to an IC friend that I want to be the winner of the Batchelor 2016 edition because of the "good" that I could do in the role. 
    My "pet issue" would be communicating to America that people with PTSD are just like everyone else but experience a trauma and need compassion, they need respect and they need to not be feared. 

    In fact PTSD has helped make me become the person that I'm told others admire, a person that can speak truth to power. My PTSD allows me to look at high stress situations with clear eyes & the perspective of a person that survived high stress situations I'm NOT mentally ill  

    I'm emotionally STRONGER . I've got an anxiety disorder.  
    I'd like to end this "thought" with pics of what iDid this Valentines/President's day weekend, which was AWESOME holiday (maybe cause I'm the possible valentine of a possible president:):)   

    I'd like to end this "thought" with pics of what iDid this Valentines/President's day weekend, which was AWESOME holiday (maybe cause I'm the possible valentine of a possible president:):)    


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