Reince Priebus Looks Like Marco Rubio Has Been Given The Keys to Haley Barbour's Political Machine - Which Nikki Haley is Part of (I Don't Think She's Corrupt Just 'Go Along to Get Along' & She's a Valuable GOP Asset BUT If Rubio Does NOT Come in 2nd Then Nikki Haley is Harmed.

Today I'm getting data on Biden's connections to bankrupt GREEN companies and created jobs in China.  Damn I was supposed to go to South Carolina but it seems like that Pre SEC Primary States GOP family food fight is one I'll miss.....

 Google Joe Biden's former Chief of Staff Bernie 

Joe Biden's ex Chief of Staff works for Tom Ingram whose heading up the Bush campaign in Tennessee & his friend Whit Ayres is a top Marco Rubio strategist. I was told Haslam will get the Haley Barbour machine to work for Marco Rubio in Tennessee and people from Tennessee have contacted me and told me there's NO WAY IN HELL Marco Rubio will win Tennessee. Most want Ted Cruz or Donald Trump.  People in Tennessee are sick of the corruption from the bi-partison Good Ole Boy Network in the South that's ALSO linked to Hillary Clinton & WHY the US Chamber of Commerce a traditionally GOP lobbying group is NOW hiring Clinton Policy makers and Reagan Alumi have told me "that" has made many in the GOP mad!!!

Trump was RIGHT about Haley Barbour 
Sadly I was told Niki Haley is "in" his clique and that's why she's supporting Marco Rubio & soon Bill Haslam of Tennessee will endorse Rubio 

Image result for donald trump haley barbourYou’ve got a lot of top Republicans nervous, including Haley Barbour, in this morning’s New York Times saying, ‘The establishment should rally behind anyone not named Cruz or Trump after Iowa and New Hampshire.’ How do you respond?” Stephanopoulos asked Trump.

“Well, look, he’s an old-time politician, and he’s been up in my office looking for money for many times," Trump said. "He’s an old-time politician who’s losing his grip, and frankly, I haven’t heard the name Haley Barbour ever mentioned in a year and a half, and I guess people don’t like to get out

Donald Trump calls out Haley Barbour on 'GMA'

WAPT Jackson-Jan 26, 2016
“You've got a lot of top Republicans nervous, including Haley Barbour, in this morning's New York Times saying, 'The establishment should ...

Bush senior campaign adviser Tom Ingram, a longtime aide to U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander and Gov. Bill Haslam, said the list of supporters shows Bush's commitment and ability to win Tennessee.

Toon: He's Linked to Haley Barbour via Tom Ingram & Whit Ayres.   Their BIG TIME ally the Haslam Family is linked to a Haley Barbour Bi-Partisan Good Ole Boy Network that created lots of FRAUD the Feds are investigating in reference to the 2010 Stimulus.  

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The Green Stimulus was abused by people that did not have the best interest of the planet in their hearts & that made Al Gore MAD... it also made Tea Partiers MAD & that's how a "one-time" alliance emerged to create "Operation Get Rid of Cantor"..... New Data is emerging the Joe Biden will tell America he'll cure cancer and more people in America want that then who want to "fix" the climate change crisis. 

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