Whit Ayres are YOU Done Crying About Marco Rubio... I Tried to Tell the People at AEI He was NOT Their Guy & ONE Listened. Arthur Brooks I Hope John Kasich Speaks There Soon? Please Serve STEAK I LOVE the Steak at AEI:):)

    Chris Christie is STILL not a viable GOP nominee but I would put him at the "top" of the list for VP (a good attack dawg) is great.   

    Republican Whit Ayres, who advises Sen. Marco Rubio’s campaign, says: “The mood of the country reminds me of the last years of the Carter presidency: We are frustrated with apparent American impotence in world affairs, fearful about the economy and unsettled about the future course of the country.”

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    From Whit Ayres' op-ed in the WSJ on March 4: Republicans stand a slim chance of winning the presidency in 2016—unless they nominate a transformational ...

    Speaking of dogs ... Y'all might want to get Marco Rubio a PTSD dog,

    mine helps me forget the past... maybe name it Christie

     Yes i did "ditch" a debate party and went & got ice cream, it was just TOO painful.  I've never been a Rubio supporter because he doesn't have an "independent" brain BUT watching the skydiving w/o a parachute was too painful.  It reminded me of Howard Dean.