James Comey Can the FBI Find the Music That I Bought On Amzon That Went MIA When I Got Hacked


You are now connected to Ravi from Amazon.com
Me: I have an amazon music account from about 6 years ago I'd like to merge those songs with my new Amazon prime account 
Ravi: Hello, my name is Ravi. I'm here to help you today. 
Me: can you email me this chat ... i forgot to press button.. just in case i need to do something it will help me remember :):) 
Ravi: Let me connect you to a member of our mp3 team. It will only take a moment. 
A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment.
You are now connected to Puneeth from Amazon.com
Me: hello 
Puneeth: Hello, my name is Puneeth. I'll be happy to help you today. 
Please allow me a few minutes while I go through your previous correspondence. 
Me: thank you 
thisi is the first time i've tried to merge accounts. 
my former email address is sharynbovat@aol.com 
and mawsebw@comcast.net 
I don't have access to the comcast account 
currently my iCloud.com is my primary email 
Puneeth: Sharyn, you are not able to sign in to the mawsebw@comcast.net account ? 
Me: no 
it was hacked 
SharynBovat.com will explain why 
Puneeth: In such case, Please wait while I connect you to the retail specialist team. They should be able to assist you with the account access. 
A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment.
You are now connected to Rishabh from Amazon.com
Me: hello 
Rishabh: Hello sharyn , Thank you for being a Prime member. My name is Rishabh. I'm here to help you today. 
Me: can you read the email chain to understand problem 
Rishabh: I am very sorry sharyn , I'm unable to combine account information into a single account or merge your accounts. 
I can help you restore access to these accounts individually if that will help you. 
Me: how do i access the account 
the one attached to mawsebw 
Rishabh: As I have checked the account under mawsebw@comcast.net is closed so it is not possible to access it again. 
Me: what happened to my music purchases 
can you check to see if they went to sharynbovat@aol.com 
Rishabh: As much as I would like to help you, I do not have the necessary tools. I would have to transfer your chat to the appropriate department that can resolve your issue. It'll just take a minute. Please stay connected. 
A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment.
You are now connected to Amazon from Amazon.com
Amazon: Hello, my name is Rahman. I'll certainly try to help regarding your concern. 
How are you sharyn ? 
Me: thank you 
Amazon: You are welcome. 
I'm extremely sorry for the inconvenience you experienced in this case. 
Me: I just want to start organizing my music 
and i bought prime but some songs i know i already bought and those are not free so I'd like to access my old account 
thank you 
Amazon: You are welcome. 
sharyn As I can understand your concern is that you want to access your old account please correct if I am wrong? 
Me: yes 
originally i wanted to merge it with my new account but was told that's not possible 
so I'd just like access to the songs. 
and videos 
I had 4 different computers hacked... so i no longer have access to them 
so if I can have access to the account attached to mawsebw@comcast.net that would be great 
i never closed the account 
Amazon: sharyn In this case the best I suggest you is that Please download your music from your old account to your PC and then upload your music on your new account music library. 
Me: ok.... then i just need access 
I don't have access 
Amazon: sharyn Please sign out from your old account and then sign in from your new account. 
Me: whats the login info 
Amazon: May I know your old email address. 
Me: mawsebw@comcast.net 
i was told it was closed 
Amazon: Thanks. 
Please allow me a minute. 
Me: then I had the email sharynbovat@aol.com 
I still have access to that 
Amazon: May I know the email address where your purchase music is available. 
Me: mawsebw@comcast.net 
that account was hacked 
Amazon: sharyn As I checked and found that there is no any digital mp3 music on your old account. 
Me: I bought it 
Amazon: May I know the order number please? 
Me: OK... so your telling me I can't have access to music I purchased 
Once I prove that YES I did have music I can then ask WHY you closed my account. I never closed it 
It's makes me feel VERY scared to buy digital products from a company that can't help a customer when they had a hack 
Amazon: I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience sharyn . 
Me: I can find PROOF from the credit card company that I paid Amazon. 
If I do that what will amazon do? 
will they refund me? 
YOU closed my account.... why? 
Amazon: In this case a member of our Concerned team will need to help you with this. Please hold while I transfer you. One of our Concerned Specialists will assist you shortly. 
A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment.
You are now connected to Rowena from Amazon.com
Rowena: Hello Sharyn, my name is Rowena. 
Me: hello... can you please read about the problem 
thank you for helping me 
Rowena: Sure, just give me a few minute please. 
Me: why did Amazon close my account 
when I had purchased music, etc 
how come amazon can't access the data that shows what I purchsed in the past? 
Rowena: Can you provide the email address on where is your Amazon music registered or located? 
Me: mawsebw@comcast.net 
that email account was hacked 
Rowena: Thanks. 
Me: then i changed to sharynbovat@comcast.net 
Rowena: I am sorry to hear about that. 
Me: then sharynbovat@aol.com 
Rowena: Let me check this for you and see what I can do to help. 
Me: thank you 
Rowena: You're welcome. 
In order to help you with this, I have to transfer you to our MP3 team so they can assist you further. Please stay connected. 
A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment.
You are now connected to Suraj from Amazon.com
Me: hello 
can you help me? 
Suraj: "Thank you for being a Prime member."Hello, my name is Suraj. I'm sorry you are facing this problem. I'll surly try to help in this case. 
Me: Thank you 
Suraj: As I do understand you are not able to login to amazon account? 
In this case I need to transfer this chat to the Amazon Retail team. It will take a moment. 
Me: yes ... i have a new prime account & want to merge songs that I had purchased a few years ago from Amzaon 
A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment.
You are now connected to Umang from Amazon.com
Me: hello Umang 
Umang: Hello, my name is Umang.I'm glad to help you today. 
Firstly,I'd like to thank you for being a prime member. 
Me: thank you... 
plesase merge the music i purchased about 6 years ago with my new prime account 
Umang: For the confirmation do you want transfer MP3 downloads? 
Me: i don't understand.. 
all i want is access to music and stuff i purchased 
it seems like nobody can help 
I gave my email address that i used 
i have my address 
I have the phone # 
and nobody can locate the songs and stuff i bought 
I don't get it? 
your the 5th or 6th person i've been transferred to 
Umang: May I know the email address? 
Me: mawsebw@comcast.net 
I was told the account shows closed 
how could amazon close an account when I had purchased items stored on the account? 
please read email chain 
Umang: Yes sharyn,This account has been closed. 
Me: how do i get back the items i purchased & WHO closed it 
I've already talked to a concern specialist