After Clinton Org Started Funding the Whistleblower Summit Attendance Plunged - James Comey Tell The FBI Guys I Got it Confirmed the Annual Conference That's Supposed to Celebrate & Support Whistleblowers Protects the People (Government Leaders) in Power. I've Asked Shanna & Tom Devine of GAP to Help Create a Way for ALL Whistleblowers to Meet & Get Educated on the Issues. I've Started a Meet-Up BUT Fear That People Aligned with the Clintons are Trying to "Shut Me Down"..... There are a LOT of Whistleblowers Linked to the Clinton Campaign that NOW Have NO National Association with an Annual Conference They Can Go To. My Meet-Up Was Just a Way to NETWORK & to Be Supportive of Those Who Were Brave to "Spill the Beans" Risking Termination & Bullying Just to do the Morally Right Thing- I Will Work With the Meet-Up Team to Figure Out HOW I Can Stay ONLINE

Below is video from the WB Summit 2015 Luncheon 

The Luncheon that was part of the WB Summit last year was sponsored by the National Whistleblower Center an organization known for is political independence, they need to host a conference for Whistleblowers next year.... Kohn, Kohn Colapinto hint hint? 

The 2016 Whistleblower Summit marketed the event with pictures of last years

The Whistleblower Summit this year was marketed (minimally) with the above picture & when I walked in during the 1st Amendment & Whistleblowing session on Wednesday  "this" is what I saw. In previous years this topic drew a large crowd.  I got curious and asked some friends in the Intelligence Community ...WHY?

The session with the Lawyer of the Office of Special Counsel was well attended.  The panelist brought people & it followed an awards ceremony for Whistleblowers.  Oddly the people awarded were those that whistle blew about issues (like Flint) that Hillary Clinton is "on record" as supporting.
There are a LOT of whistleblower from the Clinton era that need their voices heard & their needs to be a place for whistleblowers to network & not fear that their issue will be not taken seriously or they will NOT be treated with RESPECT.  I deduced to start a meet-up to offer Whistleblower Networking 

At the final event of the Whistleblower Summit I attended the Solidarity Dinner (which was FANTASTIC) at the National Press Club. I then asked more questions & learned that the Whistleblower group is being "micro-managed" and pictures & video taken from previous Summits have NOT been put on the internet.  I talked to a friend connected to Google management and they say that Google is NOT suppressing the Whistleblower Summitt.  I Googled Whistleblower Summit & NO pictures from this years summit: This is not normal. I even did a search for "just" the week. 

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Please help create a "legit" Whistleblower Conference & I've started a Meet-Up for Whistleblower Networking
Date: July 30, 2016 at 11:32:13 AM EDT
To:, "" <>

Shanna & Tom,

I know you both work really hard for whistleblowers BUT there’s an issue that needs to be addressed.  It’s having a Whistleblower Conf that’s totally “legit”.

There were some really sincere whistleblowers at the Summit, & i got it confirmed by a person with a VERY high security clearance the summit has been taken over & people who attend will most likely not get help. It’s just sad. Last night after the Solidarity dinner I learned “again” the group NOT necessary protects whistleblowers from a friend of Tom Ridge.  

Thank you for all you do,

Sharyn Bovat

I;ve started a whistleblower networking meet-up. It might not be for everyone BUT there are people that want to have a venue to tell their story. There are some ethical people in government who want to help whistleblowers.  I’m grateful for the panel on Office of Special Council  BUT like the guy said he can only help so many.   

Last year there was that amazing luncheon at the US Capital for whistleblowers
& NONE of the pics appear on google-Why?

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From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Re: Important follow up on Whistleblower Networking: We need more info.
Date: August 1, 2016 at 9:17:48 AM EDT
To: Meetup HQ <>

On Jul 31, 2016, at 9:20 PM, Meetup HQ <> wrote:

One more step before approval!

The group description for Whistleblower Networking needs to be clearer before it can call itself a Meetup and launch.

You'll need to add more details to your group description, including:

* What your Meetup Group is about - it’s already in description
* Who should join: Describe your ideal members   t’s already in description
* Why they should join: To learn, share, or have fun it’s already in description
* What members can expect: Describe typical activities it’s already in description

Below is what i wrote when i created the Whistleblower Networking Meet-Up 
PLEASE call me to tell me what I can do to follow your guidelines.  Senator Chuck Grassly has said that “Whistleblowers are considered ‘skunks at a picnic’ & I want to create a place for whistleblower’s to go to meet in DC and let other whistleblowers from ALL over the country join & have the options to fly out to meet-up and let their voices be heard.  Thank You for your help (in advance)  Sharyn Bovat 615-944-7499.  

Also I was told that my meet-up description was inclusive of the info & the email you sent me is 90% because someone reported me.  I would like to know “who” reported me? Is that possible?  America is an awesome country & the people that dare to speak the truth need tools to available to ALL Americans to prove their innocence, meet others who have been bullied and many whistleblowers have PTSD I believe that if they know that there’s a group they can join and have the opportunity to know they are not alone that it will benefit current whistleblowers & ultimately society. :):)

Have a great day!

Peace & Respect
Sharyn Bovat 

Whistleblowers, Relatives of Whistleblowers, People that Support Whistleblowers, Journalist that want to meet Whistleblowers, This group RESPECTS all people & will be a venue for people to tell their story. It's public and ALL posts are the responsibility of the individual posting. If making any derogatory comment please post the facts thus giving others the opportunity to respond. The goal is to use the Meet-Up platform & messaging system to unite whistleblowers, be a support network & to help share "our individual stories".... Please refrain from hearsay ... please post doc's, comments with links that can verify your situation. I will accept ALL members BUT anyone caught bullying will be removed. This is a group to help people that have already taking the plunge into the world of whistleblowing.

This is a new group with the goal of being a support network for whistleblower's.  We'll share ways to communicate ways to get publicity for whistleblowers. You do not need to live in the DC area to be a member. We'll have quarterly meeting ALL over the country,  I've just contacted a guy about finding a venue in Colorado:):)

These Pictures are screen shots from the National Whistleblower Summit website of the 2015 Whistleblower Appreciation Day Summit