MSM Gannett's USAToday Editor Ray Locker Tied to the Iran Contra Cover-Up, Gary Webb Cover-Up & God Knows All the Others. America Needs a Whistleblower Summit with Journalist That Will Report Stories That are Ignored By People Protecting the Got Insiders.

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Thank you to the people at Meet-Up our group is OFFICIAL:):)  
To celebrate I'm taking myself to Happy Hour at the Hilton Garden Inn, they have $5 hamburgers & $3 beer & wine (great for the budget of a whistleblower)... Until then I'll be out of town I'm headed out of town on Thursday so I will not be able to respond to questions until Monday.   I will adjust the settings on the Meetup which will be temporary... i want to be able to moderate incase anything posted is blatantly not true. To be a credible group we need to stick with FACTS or issues directly pertaining to us individually. 

Whistleblower Words of Wisdom
I’m telling member of this Meet-Up this warning because I WANT YOU TO PROTECT YOURSELF & YOUR DATA. Anything you post on this Meet-Up is available to EVERYONE.  The key to making this group a success is for people to post issues about their personal experiences & to not speculate.  
Please post issues about your personal experiences & to not speculate on conspiracy theories because credibility is everything in the world of whistleblowing. Yes i know some conspiracy theories have a lot of truth to them... still pls communicate issues that directly involve you or help others by forwarding links to stories that might help them in their search for justice/or truth.  
I’m going to try to set up individual pages so we can all share our stories/links to documents with each other. Please state the facts on your whistleblowing issues so other members can understand your problem or situation & it gives us the chance to bond.  If I see anything that seems malicious or insincere I will contact you asking to explain WHY?  If you have a blog please share the link with out members. Mine is
It’s likely some people may befriend or ask to connect with a sincere whistleblower who has a ulterior motive (such as passing on the info thus allowing others to eventually discrediting the whistleblower or giving them “false facts” …  BE CAREFUL 
 This comes from my personal life experiences I know a LOT of dead people including Sonny Bono & Margaret Lesher who were murdered to protect the “same” CIA/MIC/Energy clique that killed Gary Webb.  

YESTERDAY i learned that Ray Locker the Gannett editor from the 1st Amendment session of the Whistleblower Summit who currently is in charge of editing stories in reference to White House, money in politics, military spending...etc (all the hot topics & issues that whistleblowers are involved with) 

anyway he worked for the AP prior to joining Gannett & was in charge of the Sacramento Bureau for the AP in 2001-2005 & he quashed stories about Gary Webb's death, please see the movie Kill the Messenger.  I then learned prior to Sacramento he did a short stint at a paper in Southern California and prior to that he was in Tampa & he was the reporter who blew the story of the BCCI corruption & he accepted a promotion in lieu of following up on the story.    

I was told by Mark Silverman another Gannett who won the Ben Bradlee award  that the money laundering done during Iran Contra was covered up a “select group” of MSM editors.
 Anyway long story short Ray Locker helped cover-up the Gary Webb story & having him speak at a Whistleblower Summit iBelieve was “reckless” on the part of the organizers.  He will NOT help 95% of the whistleblowers who reach out to him, his job is to protect the “official narrative”… the most of the political leaders in charge do not want justice reform, they do not want “transparency” they do not appreciate whistleblowers. 
“.. Beyond that, the discovery of the secret intelligence-agency accounts in the renegade B.C.C.I. raises a whole new set of unsettling possibilities. The most serious is that U.S. spymasters may have been undertaking unauthorized covert operations and all the while furthering the ends of B.C.C.I. By providing clandestine services for intelligence agencies in numerous countries, B.C.C.I. was able to cloak its activities in an aura of national security and thereby stave off investigations from banking officials in the U.S. and abroad….” Time Magazine 
This warning is not a way of me saying tha Ray Locker’s agenda is not wholesome BUT I can say 100% the agenda to find out what i know and tell people in a CIA/MIC govt based clique was the agenda of his former Gannett colleague Mark Silverman 
For the record I don’t blame Mark Silverman for lying to me cause it was his job. Gannett is a CIA cover-company… so is the Washington Post (it has to do with how the owners go the funding to buy the paper… remember when we learned that the owners are the same as Amazon & they got a BIG CIA contract which indirectly funds the newspaper.  ALL the MSM outlets in American have indirect money coming from America’s intelligence agencies which ALL have the agenda of protecting the official narrative.  That said the MSM has some awesome reporters that really do want to do investigative journalism & they want to break stories that will make a difference in society.  
On a personal note my cousin Billy (who was my best friend growing up) was murdered less than 2 years ago by people connected to the the CIA clique that whacked Gary Webb.  
My cousin was 3rd layer in the TWA 800 cover-up.   I was not part of that cover-up but was 4th layer in the Lockerbie cover-up.  My Uncle is Bill Frisbie who was the Chief pilot of Pan Am and he consulted for the CIA on the TWA 800 cover-up.  I’m alive today because after 1997 I’ve not been allowed to be alone with my (now dead) cousin. It’s a long story BUT since the Whistleblower Summit was infiltrated by people who had an insincere agenda in the purpose of the Summit I can’t feel comfortable having people share issues on a Meet-Up without giving this warning: 
It’s likely some people may befriend or ask to connect with a sincere whistleblower who has a ulterior motive (such as passing on the info thus allowing others to eventually discrediting the whistleblower or giving them “false facts” … BE CAREFUL 
I’m telling you this because I WANT YOU TO PROTECT YOURSELF & YOUR DATA. Anything you post on this Meet-Up is available to EVERYONE…. There will be Good people & bad people reading. Odds are you signed up for this Meetup because YOU want the Good People to read.  Yes!!! 90% the FBI will read yours posts & I believe the FBI is loaded with agents that want to investigate issues FAIRLY, that is why i'm comfortable putting ALL the facts of my case on a blog. 
My attitude is “follow the Salmon Rushdie strategy” … I was low level member of the propaganda team that kept him alive and the strategy was “tell everyone their was a threat against his life… to keep him alive”…. 
Lastly I’m now very scared that the dots of “the secret hand” that Andrew Kreig ( a well respected journalist) talked about at the Whistleblower Summit Solidarity dinner have come together in a way that i feel puts people who attending the conference in danger of being approached by people that might not have their best interest at heart.  
Still I know I’m alive today (after being hospitalized 3 times-at least twice was from being poisoned, having mysterious 2 car crashes-one an hour after i talked to a MSM reporter about unclassified CIA issues, & being jailed 3 times-twice for a crime that doesn’t exist & the 3rd was for the lowest level misdemeanor of trespassing & I was framed but in court it was a “he said/she said” & a jury couldn’t believe a major automaker would testify wrongfulling and i got convicted & had to pay the maximum penalty & that was a $50 fine.  Yes!!! I suffered 3 arrests, 19 months in the courts and after being “totally” discredited I had to pay a $50 fine.  I later learned the arrests were done to hurt me in finding a lawyer to files a false claims lawsuit against the company for EV fraud I had whistleblower on & that strategy worked…… again my situation is complicated. 
ALL Whistleblower have interesting stories & “we mean well” & i believe the organizers of the Whistleblower Summit “mean well”…. I can’t point fingers at WHY the need for a transparent whistleblower Summit (or conference) exists I just know there’s a need & I think by us “sincere & Unafraid” forming a group and networking we can make America great again… oops that slogan has been taken … how about Make America FAIR Again:):)